Brandon (Beijing Express 2024) returns to the discussion with his twin brother Nathan

The competition is off to a good start! Beijing Express It returned to the air this Thursday, February 8, unpublished, on the M6. In this eighteenth season there were eight pairs of candidates in the footsteps of the golden tiger, beginning its journey on the shores of Lake Batur, in Indonesia. From the first test, one member of each duo was blindfolded and had to be guided by the instructions of his partner. In difficulty, Brandon and NathanThe 21-year-old Belgian twins collapsed under the influence of nerves and, to everyone’s surprise, decided to abandon the adventure that night… Tele-LeisureThe two brothers remember their trip.

“He convinced me directly with that phrase” : Nathan (Beijing Express 2024) talks about his motivation to join the adventure

Tele-Leisure : Which of you two had the idea to participate in Beijing Express ?

Brandon: I always wanted to do Beijing Express because I’ve been watching it for a long time, it’s the kind of show where we travel a lot, we discover a lot of things, it’s a way to get out of my comfort zone. So I talked to my brother about it. Personally, I couldn’t see myself doing it without it, so it was the right opportunity to sign up.

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What did Brandon tell you to convince you to do the show?

Nathan: He told me that it was his dream, that he couldn’t do it without me, so he convinced me directly with that phrase.

What did you think you would get from this experience?

Nathan: Discover magnificent landscapes, meet beautiful people, their culture is completely different from ours so it will surely be an incredible adventure.

Did you have any concerns about the destination, the different living conditions or the challenges?

Brandon: I’m not used to leaving my comfort zone so I was still scared to see how we are going to sleep and eat, because in this program we don’t necessarily have the same living conditions as when we are at home. . As for sports, it is true that I am not very physical and the events scared me.

Did you use any physical preparation?

Nathan: I did a lot of sports, even before I did it. Beijing Express. I do a lot of weight training, I run, I was physically prepared.

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Brandon: I don’t too much! (laughs) I’m not sporty but sometimes I would go to exercise, but it wasn’t as regular as my brother, he is really an addict. (laughs).

“I should have been mad at myself.” : Brandon (Beijing Express 2024) regrets having fought with his twin brother

How did you experience the first and therefore only event in which you competed?

Nathan: This destabilized me a little, plus I was blindfolded, not knowing where we are, all of that was not easy.

Brandon: For me too… Having to guide him in the water was not easy, even having to assemble the raft was catastrophic, it was very, very hard for a first ordeal.

Brandon, you lose your temper at your brother, who is ultimately in just as much trouble as you are, if not more, blindfolded. Do you regret your harsh words?

When I think about it, it’s true that I was a little hard on him, he was a little restless without the vision, he could only hear what I said to him. I should have been mad at myself because there were times when I didn’t direct it too well. I had harsh words with him, but he knows very well how I am, I am always like that.

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What do you remember about this experience?

Nathan: The welcome of the people, they are always smiling, even though they don’t understand you, they still try to have contact with you, that surprised me a lot, and the magnificent landscapes too.

Brandon: Same for me, the landscapes of the first test were completely crazy, the volcano behind, this big magnificent lake, it’s an image that I will keep in my head. There is a moment in the episode where we meet a nice lady, I can’t say what will happen, but she really is a person we are very grateful for and will never forget.

Would you like the opportunity to return to the show?

Brandon: Yes, personally, since I gave up, if we had to go again, I would go without hesitation!

Nathan: Likewise, I’m always ready!

Can we see you again in the Express report ?

Brandon: So I don’t know at all, I don’t think so!

Nathan: We have no information at the moment.

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