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Great beginnings for several films released this Wednesday, February 14. Nursing Home 2 is off to a very strong start, thanks to a solid foundation of advancements. But the first place is occupied by the biographical film of a very famous singer. Is about…

1st day France starting Wednesday, February 14, 2024

1 – Bob Marley: One Love: 197,950 entries (including 52,216 on AVP)

2 – Nursing home 2: 186,962 entries (of which 136,301 in AVP)

3 – Dog and cat: 80,951 entries (including 39,519 in AVP)

4 – Madame Web: 41,035 entries

5 – Without even knowing each other: 13,327 entries (including 3,010 in AVP)

6 – Live: 10,177 entries (including 3,003 in AVP)

7 – 20,000 bee species: 6,081 entries (including 5,140 in AVP)

8 – The imaginary Molière: 5,901 entries (including 1,863 AVP entries)

9 – Rosa, little flower fairy: 4,391 entries (including 2,209 in AVP)

10 – Dark night in Anatolia: 209 entries

11 – Get up and go: 42 entries

12 – red bitch: 12 entries

To retain

When the winter school holidays began in Zone C, the cinemas were full of tickets for their new releases of the week. Many films of varied registers have landed in theaters: family comedy, biopic, superhero film, drama…

This Wednesday’s winner is Bob Marley ! The biopic dedicated to the singer occupies first place, with nearly 200,000 entries (including 50,000 previews).

Only 10,000 entries separate Bob Marley and Retirement House 2, which must therefore be content with 2nd place. The continuation of the adventures of Kev Adams and his band of seniors took the previews by storm, with an impressive total of 136,301. In total, the film has already attracted 186,962 viewers.

Retirement Home 2 starts better than the first part

A better start than the first part, which ended with 2 million viewers. In 2022, Retirement Residence 1 attracted 135,018 spectators (of which 48,173 in AVP).

In 3rd place we find another family comedy: Dog and cat by Reem Kherici, from Philippe Lacheau’s band, which mixes comedy and animation. It is the best release for the director, ahead of Paris at all costs and D-Day.

“It’s something we don’t do in France”: how was the film The Dog and the Cat, with Philippe Lacheau, made?

Madame Web, Marvel’s new film, has not taken advantage of the advances, and is in fourth position, with 41,035 viewers. Finally, it is worth pointing out, fifthly, the good start of Without even knowing each othera drama that brings together Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott.

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