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Bertrand Deckers analyzes Kate Middleton’s health status in “TPMP”

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The Belgian, a specialist in royal families, was the guest of the C8 show presented by Cyril Hanouna. The opportunity for him to react to the hospitalization of the Princess of Wales.

Since the announcement of the hospitalization, rumors have proliferated about the state of health of Kate Middleton . On January 17, Kensington Palace announced in a press release that the Princess of Wales had undergone abdominal surgery.

An operation that would require fifteen days of rest at the London Clinic and three months of convalescence. A long period that astonished experts in the royal family and gave rise to the wildest rumors. The press service of the royal family, however, wanted to reassure by explaining that the princess did not suffer from cancer. But the precise reasons for her operation have not been revealed, speculation continues. To talk about this topic that fascinates the media, Cyril Hanouna received, on Friday, January 26, the columnist Bertrand Deckers on the set of “TPMP”.

The latter returned to this mysterious hospitalization. “Rumors continue to circulate and they are not positive. For a long time it was said that it was an abdominal diastasis, it is a problem that women face after somewhat complicated pregnancies. Others spoke of an ectopic pregnancy.
Then, he lifted the veil on the reason given in the United Kingdom, in the last hours, to explain this long forced break of Kate Middleton. “Now it seems that, according to English specialists, we would prefer to have a hysterectomyprecise. It is a removal of the uterus and if this hysterectomy is total, it is a removal of the uterus, ovaries and tubes. It seems that we are going towards that, it would justify the 14 days of hospitalization and the three months of rest. Which means it’s a big, big intervention. William is almost constantly at her side.

The specialist in royal families continued his column by explaining that the Princess of Wales would not resume her official duties before April and that several events had already been cancelled, including, notably, a trip to Italy during which Kate and William were going to travel. meet Pope Francis. Bertrand Deckers also spoke about the hospitalization, this Thursday, January 26, of Charles III for prostate surgery.

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