Bernard Montiel makes revelations about his current “tax audit” and surprises Cyril Hanouna

This Tuesday, March 26, Cyril Hanouna presented a new issue of TPMP On C8 and during the program, Bernard Montiel revealed that he was in the middle of a tax audit.

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This Tuesday, March 26, Cyril Hanouna presented a new issue of Don’t touch my post in C8. From the start of the show, the presenter-producer welcomed the audience records, driven by the story between Inès Reg and Natasha St-Pier backstage of Dance with the stars. After receiving news from his columnists, the star presenter of La Huit summarized the news of the last 24 hours, mentioning in particular the confirmed return of weak union on the M6 ​​or even the Capucine Anav robbery. In the penultimate part of the program, Cyril Hanouna returned to the information according to which the tax authorities have discovered more than 140,000 undeclared swimming pools thanks to artificial intelligence. The opportunity for the columnists and in particular for Bernard Montiel to discuss the current tax audit of his estate.

“It was after selling the Pilat house.”

“I have been under fiscal control for three years”Bernard Montiel began, provoking Cyril Hanouna’s astonishment. “I can talk about it freely because everything is clear. I have been under surveillance for three years. They found nothing and there is nothing to find”, he added. Seeing that his columnist didn’t talk much, Cyril Hanouna pushed him to the limit so he could say more. “It takes time because there are many files, they are not just mine. It is a special brigade that deals with personalities, After having sold Pilat’s house, I am calm.He explained. “I don’t feel so comfortable with you.”exclaimed the presenter, amid laughter from the audience.

The rest under this announcement.

“I borrowed 1 million and gave 1.5 million

This is not the first time that Bernard Montiel talks about his financial inheritance. The couple’s close friend Macron had already mentioned his house located in the south of France. “I sold a house in Pilat. Thanks to this I was able to buy a house in Gassin, right in front of Ramatuelle, in Var. I borrowed 1 million and gave 1.5 million.“he explained before adding: “The house was much more expensive and I didn’t have them. I don’t deal in these cases, I have that and nothing else. I was honest with the man, except that the man was getting divorced. (…) It has been for sale for a long time one year.”

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