Benoît Dubois reveals how much he earned for participating in season 7 of Apprentis Aventuriers

Like every week, from Monday to Friday on C8, Jordan De Luxe receives a personality on his program At Jordan’s House talk to her about her current affairs, but also about her personal life. This. Wednesday, January 31, is with Benoit Dubois with whom I speak. The candidate revealed in season 4 of secret history As expected, he spoke about his participation in season 7 of Adventurer’s Apprentice which began on January 22. “I’ve suffered“, he began before revealing what was the most difficult thing for him in this adventure: “The discomfort, the sleep… Sleeping on the floor, for me, is not possible. Lack of sleep (…) Fortunately Julia Riccimy partner was there (…) Sleeping on the floor is the worst“In total, he lost eight kilos.”The biggest difficulty for me, It wasn’t sleeping, it wasn’t going to the gym.Not having my nutritional contribution to maintain my physique was really the most difficult“he continued.

Benoît Dubois candidate in The Apprentice Adventurers : Reveals the main reason for your participation

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After the interview, Benoît Dubois granted the real reason for his participation in the Adventurer’s Apprentice in W9. “I went there for the money. FIn August my return to school was mediocre, I no longer had C8, I no longer had transmissions TPMP people (…) And there they call me. I tell myself : ‘Reality TV… Yeah, right? I don’t know. Am I still old enough to go? Am I not going to make a fool of myself?, but I had never spit on reality shows (…) They offer me money. I had the property tax (…) It was the main reason, I don’t hide it (…) And here I go (…) And suddenly, I’m having fun, I’m having fun“, He explained.

Benoît Dubois (The Apprentice Adventurers): “Every time I manage to save myself from things.

How much did they pay you for this shoot? 2700 euros per weeksaid, who stayed a total of three weeks in the program. The Apprentice Adventurers. A sum that allowed him to pay his “tax regularization“but also his”property tax. “I didn’t see any of that money, but that didn’t put me in the red. I have this opportunity. There are some people who have financial problems (…) but I am lucky, I have a star. I invested (…) But here, the fact of having that possibility of someone coming to look for me (…) every time I manage to save myself from things“He concluded.

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At Jordan De Luxewhich is complete in the application my channel.”

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