Be careful, the show changes schedule this Thursday, March 14!

W9 renews its programming this Thursday, March 14, 2023. The TNT channel will offer a new amount of Adventurer Apprenticesbut at a different time than usual due to a particular event.

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W9 programming is upside down! This Thursday, March 14, La Neuf decided to change its broadcasts to adapt to the broadcast of a sporting event. Thus, the TNT channel will offer the episode of Adventurer Apprentices at 5:50 p.m. instead of the usual time of 7:50 p.m. This decision also impacts An almost perfect dinner. Thus, instead of three daily numbers, the culinary competition will only be offered once at 4:50 p.m., just before the survival program presented by Laurent Maistret.

The Apprentice Adventurers : Why is the broadcast of the program moved to this Thursday, March 14?

Partners of the Europa Football League, the channels of the M6 ​​group have the habit of offering Olympique de Marseille matches on their channels. This Thursday, March 14, OM travels to Villareal for the second leg of the round of 16 of the competition. The game was scheduled to start at 6:50 pm, so W9 had to adapt to be able to entertain an audience that is always present during these football events. In the first leg, broadcast in prime time by the parent network, Marseille won without hesitation by a score of 4 to 0. Jean-Louis Gasset’s men will have to show the same seriousness to validate their qualification for the quarterfinals. final. .

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The Apprentice Adventurers : we know the date of the grand finale of the seventh season of the W9 program

Released on January 2, 2024, the seventh season of Adventurer Apprentices little by little it is approaching its end. Precisely this Tuesday, March 12, W9 announced the arrival of its new strategy game. The power. The program will feature candidates from reality shows and television personalities such as Pascal Soetens or Coumba de Ko Lanta and will air starting Monday, April 1. In this program that combines research and sporting events, candidates will have to rack their brains to discover the “power-player”, master of the game and decision-maker in all the events of the adventure. By definition, the grand finale of Adventurer Apprentices Therefore, it will take place on Friday, March 29.

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