Back from Mauritius, Marie-Alix Jeanson (Large Families) reveals her advice to avoid paying 400 euros per night in a hotel

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After her stay in Mauritius, Marie-Alix Jeanson revealed some secrets about her organization. The former participant of Large families: life in XXL He shared his tips to lighten the bill this Sunday, January 7 on Instagram.

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Although he no longer appears in episodes of Large families: life in XXL, Marie-Alix Jeanson continues to share the daily life of her small tribe. Installed on Reunion Island as part of Alexander’s military career, the clan is preparing to move in a few months. Meanwhile, they spent their last New Year’s holiday there before flying out for a seven-person holiday and chose Mauritius, where they celebrated the New Year.

The Jeanson family in Mauritius, an obvious choice

The Jeansons love to explore the four corners of the planet. Obviously, the brothers were happy to discover Mauricio. Satisfied with her choice, Marie-Alix Jeanson shared her first impressions with her community. “We are conquered by the authenticity of this island. The landscapes are magnificent, the people are incredibly simple and friendly.” He trusted his social networks. Regarding his accommodation, the former participant of Large families: life in XXL had specifically specified: “There is very little accommodation here, and even less for seven people. We stayed in two different accommodations, with half board, because there are very few restaurants on the island.“.

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Marie-Alix Jeanson talks about a variable budget

Marie-Alix Jeanson never misses an opportunity to share her cost-cutting tips with her subscribers. When one of them asked her what the budget would be for this type of stay when she is the head of a large family, Alexandre’s partner answered frankly this Sunday, January 7: “As everywhere, the budget depends on many things! Number of people, age of travelers, date of trip, services chosen.” Marie-Alix Jeanson added: “For example, during the research I found a homestay for 100 euros a day for seven people with half board (yes, yes). A hotel for 400 euros a night without breakfast, so it all depends.“Tips that should help those interested.

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