Baby’s name revealed, and an intimate video too

In a short time, the life of Mathieu, former candidate for “L’Amour est dans le pré”, will take a turn. He will become a single father thanks to a surrogate mother. What is the news about the future baby?

become a dad, whatever it takes. This is the plan Mateo Ceschinthe former candidate ofLove is in the meadow., who had found love in Alexandre’s arms. A story that was short-lived as they separated in September 2023. Her desire to be a father being stronger than anything else, she decided Embark on the adventure of surrogacy (GPA). He recently rrevealed the first name of her little unborn son.

Mathieu Ceschin: what name will your future baby receive?

Mathieu Ceschin quickly became the emblematic face of the fifteenth season ofLove is in the meadow.. Then his adventures were followed very closely, in particular his romance with Alejandrowhom she married in 2021 before separating, when they were going to start a surrogacy to two. he finally found alone in this adventure.

And the news looks good. The candidate of the show. will become father of little Ezio. He recently broke the news about him: “Ezio is doing very, very well, he moves a lot”revealed. “She (the surrogate mother) tells me that he’s amazing and that she feels like she’s running a marathon with him all day. Maybe I should run a little too and not do any more sports. In any case, it’s great newsGlad to hear it”he confided.

Mathieu Ceschin: the first images of his baby revealed

In a few days, Mathieu Ceschin will travel to Bogotá, Colombia to witness the birth of his son. But before that, she caught a glimpse of her movements. On Instagram she posted a video. from the womb of the surrogate mother. “Here are the first appearances of my Ezio. Obviously when Ame sent me this video I cried like a childhe writes.

It’s incredible what’s happening physiologically inside me… These waves of emotion are uncontrollable.. I never thought I would feel this way and he is still not in my arms! My God, but how am I going to channel all these feelings? only in bogota ?”, He continues before thanking all the people who gave him their unconditional support. If the candidate ofLove is in the meadow. He fears the difficult moments that he will have to face alone, he impatiently strikes at the idea of ​​hugging his son. in his arms.

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