Axel (Star Academy) was stung during the main interrogation of Cécile Chaduteau’s guest

This January 6, TF1 illuminated our Saturday evening with the tenth bonus of the star academy, marking the sensational entry into the year 2024. The castle students shared the stage with giants of the variety, offering unforgettable moments revisiting classics. Eddy de Pretto and Djebril joined their voices in Child, creating a unique alchemy. Camille Lellouche moved in with Does not insist together with Lénie and Claudio Capéo they electrified the stage with a standing man, accompanied by Julián. Raphaël resumed his blow CaravanAnggun bewitched the stage with Snow in the Sahara with Helena and Umberto Tozzi revisited I love you in duet with Axel.

Behind the scenes of an intense week in the star academy

After Candice’s release the previous week, the new week began with a big challenge for the six remaining scholars: carte blanche. Each choice, from the duet with the guests to the opening of the show, weighed on the fate of the participants. The evaluations added a touch of suspense, and everyone drew a song from three themes. The results favored Lénie and Julien, rewarded with a well-deserved immunity. On the other hand, Héléna, Djebril, Pierre and Axel had to defend their place during this tenth bonus. Héléna, moved by the loss of her grandmother, Pierre, to a real first nomination, Axel, who believed himself immune, and Djebril, survivor of the previous week’s public vote, found themselves in a bind. Their mission was to convince viewers to keep them on the adventure. After a bonus full of surprises, the verdict arrives. Unfortunately, Djebril received the fewest votes, ending her journey in the star academy.

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Axel was stung by Kendji Girac’s manager during interrogation

During the traditional interrogation this Sunday with Cécile Chaduteau, who was exceptionally accompanied by Alban Travia, manager of Kendji Girac, Axel became upset by the latter. After re-watching his duet with Héléna in the worldwide hit Hello of Adele, the guest of the scenic expression teacher commented: “Axel, I felt you… You’re in a fight, I feel like you’re in a fight, but really with you, you were fighting to get out, Even though you can make it big, but you’ve put a lot of pressure on yourself and you’re fighting against yourself, really just yourself, ‘Am I going to do it? Will I be able to get there?’ ‘, Indeed We see it in your face. Your voice is there, we know that you have a very beautiful voice. But we are at a stage of the adventure, where you have to have confidence in yourself (…) What’s more, it’s not ‘it was a disaster’, the issue is not that, the issue is simply that if you give him pleasure we will feel it, that’s all,” concluded Alban Travia.

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