Axel (Star Academy), destabilized by Marlène Schaff’s challenge, expresses his concern

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This new week of competition marks an important turning point in the adventure of star academy. In fact, on Saturday, January 20, Axel and Julien will open the semifinals. At the end of the show that will be broadcast on TF1, the young singers will discover which of them will reach the long-awaited grand finale. However, before getting there, the academics were questioned by their teachers, during the evaluations, but also by the tutors, Marlène Schaff and Lucie Bernardoni, in anticipation of the next bonus. Furthermore, this Wednesday, January 17, the newspaper’s viewers discovered the new challenge launched by the two women. “What we would like you to do is take the time to reflect and write yourself, in your own words, a text that illustrates the path taken at Star Academy. What you consider to be your weaknesses and your strengths, in fact. And what you discovered about yourself after these almost three months of adventure. At the end of this text, as in the main rules of musical comedy, you sing a capella 45 seconds of a song that illustrates what you have just said.“they explained.

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Axel (star academy): “This is where I’m going to have difficulties.

After twelve weeks of adventures, viewers have more or less understood Axel’s character. They know very well that the young man is especially demanding of himself, that he is used to succeeding in what he does and, above all, that sometimes he finds it difficult to show his flaws. Therefore, when the tutors announced this new challenge of writing and singing a cappella, anxiety was seen on the academic’s face, who did not hesitate to trust Marlène Schaff. “That means, all of a sudden, I’m talking, and all of a sudden, I start singing just a cappella, like?” he said first. Before adding: “This is where I’m going to have difficulties.

Axel (star academy) confesses what bothers him in the challenge launched by the tutors

Noticing that Axel was getting lost in his thoughts and, above all, getting carried away by stress, Marlène Schaff reminded him that this exercise was a “gift“: “You take the reins. You say what you want to say, you sing what you want to sing. It’s a bit like being stripped naked, without costume, without scenery, without painting, without staging.“But that’s precisely what worries Axel!”It’s always a difficult moment to put yourself out there and say, “Oh, but I’m hypervulnerable here.” And at the same time, it’s the culmination of the work I do here. (…) It’s very scary, but I really want to do it.“, he confided.

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