Audiences for the year 2023: La Une continues to lead, RTL TVI falls but remains second, TF1 advances

It is a moment long awaited by the television network teams: the publication of the annual hearings by the CIM (Media Information Center). As the independent organization points out, this data includes audience figures for programs watched on a traditional television screen (live and delayed), and full television programs and these short excerpts watched live online, before or after its diffusion.

La Une leads the audience classification, ahead of RTL TVI, which is falling. ©Source: CIM

In the hierarchy we did not notice major changes. Une continues to be the most watched channel (a place it has held since 2019), with a market share of 19.81% (compared to 19.28% last year). It recovered a few tenths after a slight drop last year, but did not reach its record score of 2021 (covid year), where it stood at 20.72%.

Behind, RTl TVI remains firm, but the difference with La Une widens, since it has a market share of 16.70%. This is a loss of 1.35% and its worst result in a long time. The transition after the acquisition by the Rossel group has apparently altered viewers’ habits somewhat. The numerous changes that have occurred and new programs recently announced will aim to correct the situation.

In third place we find TF1, which has a market share of 12.07%, 0.37% more.

The rest of the ranking is made up of France 2 (6.46%), Tipik (4.43%); France 3 (4.35%); AB3 (4.13%); RTL Club (3.39%); TMC (2.25%); TV Brittany (2.14%); C8 (2.03%); RTL Plug (1.97%) and ABXPLORE (1.58%). In progress, La Trois ranks 14th, with 1.56% (up from 1.42% in 2022). C8 – which transmits Don’t touch my post – gained 0.32%. If RTL tvi has lost ground, both RTLclub (+0.05%) and RTLplug are progressing (+0.24%). On the RTBF side, the disappointment is for Tipik, with a loss of 1.28% (a year without a major football event).

At group level, RTBF leads with 25.8%, ahead of RTL Belgium with 22.06%. The TF1 group (TF1, TV Breizh, TMC and LCI) occupies third position with 17.01%, ahead of the France Télévisions group with 12.23%.

Top 100 programs: football at the top

As for the programs, it is not surprising: football (the Red Devils) remains just as popular and occupies eight of the top ten positions of most watched programs in 2023. In addition to sport, “Fiction remains the first category, with 27 programs in the Top 100,” the CIM advances. This is followed by knowledge-type programs (21 programs) and entertainment (19 programs). For the country as a whole, just over a quarter of the most watched programs belong to the “knowledge” category, compared to less than a tenth in 2014. In the same period, the weight of sports programs exceeds 41%. at 19%.

The podium leader returns to the game Sweden-Belgium on March 24, 2023, seen by 845,100 people in La Une. This audience allows him to enter the top 100 of all years combined. Then comes the friendly Germany-Belgium on March 28, 2023 (804,600) and the Estonia-Belgium match on June 20, 2023 (770,500), always on La Une.

RTL tvi drops to seventh place in this ranking with one news item, the news at 7:00 p.m. on March 21, 2023 (656,300). La Une also occupies tenth place with an episode of the HPI series, broadcast on May 16, 2023 and seen by 618,500 people.

If we exclude football, we obtain the following classification:

1. RTL Info 7:00 p.m. on RTL tvi on March 21, 2023: 656,300 viewers.

2. HPI on the cover of May 16, 2023: 618,500.

3. In front of the judge on RTL tvi on March 19, 2023: 618,300.

4. News at 7:30 p.m. on La Une on November 2, 2023: 606,700.

5. Special edition starting at 7:30 p.m. on October 17, 2023 at La Une: 600,200.

TF1 occupies 6th position with the Enfoirés program broadcast on March 3, 2023: 575,900.

It should be noted that La Une occupies 52 positions in this Top 100, compared to 42 for RTl TVI. If we leave football aside, the balance clearly tips in favor of RTL TVI.

Which shows performed best per channel?

The CIM also offers a ranking of the most watched programs by channel. Here are the top 3 of the five most viewed channels.

On the cover page

As already mentioned, Devils football games occupy eight of the top ten positions in the ranking, ahead of HPI (9th) and Le 19.30 on November 2.


RTL Info, on March 21 at 7:00 p.m., was the first (656,300 viewers), ahead of in front of the judge from March 19, 2023 (618,300) and Research of March 21 (559,400). The usual transmissions ( Top Chef, Married at First Sight, Love is in the Prairie, Emergency Call, On a Trip with the Police…) appear in this top 10, as well as the documentary about Queen Mathilde broadcast on January 20 of last year (471,500 viewers).

In TF1

The top 3 is occupied by The bastards (March 3, 2023, 575,900), the launch of the star academy (November 4, 2023, 407,300) and the final of The voice June 3 (392,100).

Mr. tipik

the comedy show The great cactus ahead of football with 278,700 viewers watching their screens on March 23. Then comes the Leverkusen/Union St-Gilloise quarterfinals on April 13 (250,300) and the Union St-Gilloise/Union Berlin round of 16 match on March 16 (248,700).

In AB3

The most viewed program is Criminal Files broadcast on March 6 and was seen by 132,900 viewers. The movie Mom, I missed the plane again… and I’m lost in New York occupies second place, with 124,800 spectators and finally Sister act 2 Broadcast on February 22, it was seen by 111,200 viewers.

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