Audience: Left behind by “Télématin”, “Bonjour!”, Bruce Toussaint’s morning show on TF1, surpassed by BFMTV and CNews in its segment

The hierarchy evolves. On the second day of the start of the school year, France 2’s “Télématin” regained its position at the top of the morning rankings. With 749,000 viewers to the program presented by Thomas Sotto and Marie Portolano, that is. 23.6% of the public between 6:29 and 9:30, La Deux reinforces its hegemony. The past curiosity effect, “Hello!”, presented by Bruce Toussaint on TF1, reported 292,000 spectators this Tuesday compared to 512,000 the previous day. If the audience remains well above the box average in 2023, the market share of the entire public plummets from 15.3% to 8.2%. Regarding the target of women responsible for purchases under 50 years of age (FRDA-50), especially examined by the private channel TF1 (11.6%) is surpassed by France 2 (13.9%).

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TF1 defeated by BFMTV and CNews in the “Hola!”

Therefore, in sharp decline, the new entrant in this competitive morning television market is surpassed by BFMTV and CNews in its time slot (6:54 am-9:31 am). BFMTV, boosted yesterday by the appointment in Matignon of Gabriel Attal (day at 4.6%), gathered in this box, which brings together the “First Edition”, presented by Christophe Delay and Adeline François (exceptionally no “Face to Face” directed by Apoline de Malherbe) but also the beginning of “Live Switek”, has captivated 448,000 spectators, or 13.4% of the entire public. It should be noted that BFMTV’s morning program alone, broadcast exceptionally from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., attracted 420,000 viewers, that is, 14.7% of the public.

In CNews (3.8% audience share during the day), the same segment, which includes “La matinale” by Romain Desarbres and the first half hour of “L’heure des pros” presented by Pascal Praud, attracted 345,000 spectators, which represents 10.3% Audience of four years and older. By itself, “La matinale” by Romain Desarbres, screened from 6 to 9 hours, managed to attract the attention of 279,000 viewers, that is, 9.8% of the audience.

Between 6:54 and 9:31, Franceinfo is slightly ahead of LCI. The public service news channel gathered 116,000 spectators, or 3.5% from the public, when the TF1 group gathered 114,000 (3.4% public). On the other hand, in the only morning slot, “Le 6-9 with Jean-Baptiste Boursier” beats “La matinale” directed by Jean-Baptiste Marteau: 109,000 viewers (3.8% of the audience) between 6:00 and 9:00 . am for LCI (2.4% audience share during the day) compared to 96,000 (3.3% of the public) for Franceinfo (1.1% audience share during the day).

The ranking of morning news programs in the “Hola!”

1. France 2: 797,000 spectators (23.8% of the public)
2. BFMTV: 448,000 viewers (13.4% of the public)
3. CNews: 345,000 viewers (10.3% of the public)
4. TF1 (“Hello!”): 292,000 viewers (8.7% of the audience)
5. Franceinfo: 116,000 viewers (3.5% of the public)
6. LCI: 114,000 spectators (3.4% of the public).

*Classification between 6:54 and 9:31

The ranking of morning news programs (by program)

1. France 2 (“Télématin” between 6:29 and 9:30): 749,000 viewers (23.6% of the audience)
2. BFMTV (“First edition” between 6:00 and 9:00 a.m.): 420,000 viewers (14.7% of the public)
3. TF1 (“Hello!” between 6:54 and 9:31): 292,000 viewers (8.7% of the audience)
4. CNews (“La matinale” between 6:00 and 9:00 a.m.): 279,000 viewers (9.8% of the audience)
5. LCI (“Le 6-9 avec Jean-Baptiste Boursier” between 6:00 and 9:00): 109,000 spectators (3.8% of the public)
6. Franceinfo (“La matinale” between 6:00 and 9:00): 96,000 viewers (3.3% of the public)

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