Atlanta formally requests NHL expansion process

After Salt Lake City, a group from Atlanta also raises its hand asking the NHL to launch a new expansion process, with the aim of giving this market a third chance.

The request, coming from the Alpharetta Sports & Entertainment (ASE) group, was officially made to the National League through an open letter signed by former player Anson Carter.

“I have lived in Atlanta since 2009 and have no doubt that the best league in the world will be successful in its return to the metro Atlanta area. The ASE Group is a hockey-focused group that will include partners Neil Leibman (Top Tier Sports), Peter Simon (Simon Sports, owner of the Halifax Mooseheads) and Aaron Zeigler (Zeigler Automobile Group), all hockey enthusiasts. Carter said in a press release.

The group is also associated with insurance giant New York Life.

And Quebec?

At the moment, although Quebecor has repeatedly expressed interest in one day obtaining an NHL franchise, there is no formal letter request that has been made to the NHL for the league to begin an expansion process and consider Quebec.

It is impossible to know whether it is planned to follow the example of Salt Lake City and Atlanta through a formal application.

On February 2, his colleague Kevin Dubé reported, according to sources, that the NHL could launch a new expansion process and that Quebec was at risk of being back in the race.

It must be remembered that the cost of an expansion kit will probably be around a billion dollars, American of course.

Last November, Quebecor Sports and Entertainment CEO Martin Tremblay mentioned that the group could be called into partnership.

“Would there be groups of owners now? We see it everywhere in the National League right now. The interest is there, but the way to get there could be another,” he stated, although at the moment no new details are known on this topic.

Under discussion since 2019

The arena project in the Atlanta area, as part of the “Meeting at South Forsyth.”  TWITTER IMAGE NHLTOATLANTA

Anson Carter


Anson Carter, who scored 421 points in 674 games in the NHL between 1996 and 2007, said he has been talking to commissioner Gary Bettman since 2019 with the goal of giving Atlanta an expansion team.

The press release also mentions that the city of Alpharetta, north of Atlanta, is the city with the highest number of registered players for minor hockey in the metropolitan region.

Atlanta benefits from the support of municipal and Fulton County officials.

There is already a $2 billion development project, including an 18,000-seat stadium, that has been in the works for several months.

“The city of Alpharetta is excited about the opportunity to host NHL hockey, one of the most exciting and thriving sporting experiences in the world,” said Mayor Jim Gilvin.

It remains to be seen if Atlanta becomes a very rare city to have a third chance on the same professional circuit, after the failures of the Flames, who moved to Calgary in 1980, as well as the Thrashers, who took the road to Winnipeg. in 2011.

New Thursday in Arizona

The arena project in the Atlanta area, as part of the “Meeting at South Forsyth.”  TWITTER IMAGE NHLTOATLANTA

While waiting for an amphitheater project to become a reality, the Coyotes continue to play at Mullett Arena, in front of 4,600 spectators.


As NHL executives activate potential markets for future expansion, the Arizona Coyotes will find out a little more about their umpteenth amphitheater project this week.

Land the organization is considering in north Phoenix for construction will be inspected by the state on Thursday.

According to 12News, that’s when the team will know if the coveted land will be publicly auctioned. If the State decides in favor of an auction, it would not take place until 10 weeks later and the minimum bid would be $68.5 million.

This is a situation that all markets interested in a club will be watching closely, in case Gary Bettman has to resolve so that his worst nightmare, which is the Coyotes’ move to other lands, comes true.

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