At the heart of a new docu-reality: Jeanick Fournier confesses an episode of “extreme fatigue” he experienced during the creation of his album “Vivante”

During the creation of the album. AliveThe singer Jeanick Fournier experienced a state of “extreme fatigue,” he said in an interview with the QMI agency last week.

After his victory with the telehook Canada has talentSince then, the Saguenéenne has multiplied its promotional tours throughout the country, including some stops in the United States, to tell its story and make itself known to the general public.

“To write the songs, I told my story to my artistic director at Universal (Guillaume Moffet) and he presented it to authors who wrote many texts. It’s like my whole life I’ve received a gift of songs. The album Alive “It’s really made up of my story and what I had to say,” said the singer.

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“I was also in a moment, not of vulnerability, but of extreme fatigue from always being in demand. “I was in Las Vegas at the time we spoke,” he recalled, while ensuring that, even so, the creative process had been easy for her.

“Jeanick Fournier, the story of a voice” will be broadcast starting March 19 on Vrai.

Ben Pelosse / GoM

The singer then agreed, after the release of this first work of original compositions written for her, to be followed by a very small film crew, under the direction of director Patricia Beaulieu (stephano), and this for almost a year.

“I have always been transparent and I wanted to continue being so, showing my reality (…) and demystifying the difference,” added the artist who will be at the center of Vrai’s new docu-reality. Jeanick Fournier – the story of a voice.

Jeanick Fournier, who had often wondered what the artists she admired could do in their day, wanted to break down this wall between her and her audience and show them that stars are also “from the real world.” Throughout the episodes, we follow her in her life on tour, but also in her daily life at home with her family, her children, Yohan and Emma, ​​who also accompanied her on tour, her partner, Michel, his agent, Régis. and her good friend, Kathy.

The taste of success at 50

Jeanick Fournier, now 51 years old, is savoring every moment of glory he has felt since his victory in Canada has talentin May 2022.

“Having experienced it at 20 years old, I wouldn’t be what I am now,” he confesses.

“(Being successful at 50) makes you live it even more, you know even more the opportunity you have to be here. There I know what I want, above all, and I know what I no longer want,” added the singer, who recognizes the importance of having a good environment to survive in this profession.

Jeanick Fournier performing at the Capitole de Québec in October 2022.

Photo by Didier Debusschere

“I’m surrounded by a great team, a great family, good friends who make sure I have both feet in good shape. grounded. Furthermore, my life with my two friends reminds me of what my reality is through all that,” he says and adds, with a smile on his lips, that his stopovers in the city sometimes allowed him to take “a little time.” ”. off from mom”, as well as a romantic moment.

Jeanick Fournier will perform at the Caf’conc, at the Château Champlain in Montreal, for five concerts, from May 10 to 18. While currently there is a new album project on the table.

Available in eight episodes, the series Jeanick Fournier – the story of a voice will be broadcast on Real starting Tuesday.

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