At 60 years old, Franck Dubosc takes advantage of Elie Semoun: “I think…

Franck Dubosc and Elie Semoun

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By Elsa Girard-Basset | web journalist

If both have had successful solo careers, Franck Dubosc and Elie Semoun remain linked in the minds of many French people due to their collaboration in “Les petits Announcements”, a cult miniseries from the 1990s and 2000s. And what about their relationship? ? ? Is a return possible? Dubosc was questioned on the subject.

Younger generations may not know what a DVD is anymore, but at the time getting a copy of “Classified” was like the Holy Grail. It must be said that for many years, and accompanied by numerous stars from the entertainment world, Franck Dubosc and Elie Semoun spared no effort to find these famous classified ads. A format that continues to be cult, to the point of generating a desire to return.

Franck Dubosc charges for the return of “Classified Ads”

Speaking to Bruno Guillon on RTL, Dubosc confessed to having “spoken about it sometimes” with Semoun, although he acknowledged that he does not have time. Furthermore, he is overcome with a form of hesitation:

I don’t know… We talk about it a lot, we say to each other: “Shall we do the Classifieds?” » But for whom? Because ?

Last September, still on RTL, Patrick Chirac’s interpreter seemed even more enthusiastic about the idea of ​​finding his partner. He then declared:

We have little notes, we would like, Elie talks to me about it every time. Only we must not forget that at that time it was on DVD and, therefore, we would have to find a medium for it. I think I would have a lot of fun, Elie knows that, but we have done so many things that it is difficult not to say things again, we need new characters. But yes, we have ideas.

For his part, Elie Semoun shares his partner’s enthusiasm, as he told TV Mag a few months ago:

We thought about it with Franck Dubosc. He agrees, but we have to find a platform that welcomes us. It would be fun to integrate the new generation, create new characters… But this time it wouldn’t be free. I can’t imagine doing light and superficial humor. I like it when there is substance.

Therefore, the bases for a return are there, and all that remains is to wait until the two comedians decide to give the green light. Meanwhile, below we offer you one of the many mistakes of filming. Eternal!

If Elie Semoun still gets along well with Franck Dubosc, which is not the case with another of his former acolytes such as Dieudonné, Nothing says that the two men will collaborate together again. Desire seems to mix with fear and complexity, and fans are now waiting for something to click. Let’s hope!

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