“Arguments of CM1”, Dadju defends the singer after the controversy over the Olympic Games

For several days now, the idea of ​​singer Aya Nakamura repeating Edith Piaf’s words during the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympic Games has caused shivers. on the social network

In recent days, the rumor has not stopped growing in the media and social networks and has generated controversy. Five months before the official start of the Olympic Games with an opening ceremony planned for July 26, 2024, Aya Nakamura could participate in the twelve planned paintings transcribe “the universalism of French values”. She would have been chosen by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, to participate in the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympic Gamess this summer and would perform Edith Piaf songs on stage.

The rest after this announcement.

The news has not been confirmed so far, but it would represent a real challenge for the artist whose hits have been around the world for several years. Crowned female artist in the Victories de la Musique, the Franco-Malian singer competes on streaming platforms with the biggest international stars such as Taylor Swift or Beyoncé.

“There is no way”

According The Express, the singer would have confided to Emmanuel Macron that she appreciated Edith Piaf’s repertoire. She then she responded to “sing what (she likes)” on D-day. For the moment, the main interested party has not confirmed (or denied) anything. On his Instagram account, she just sent an enigmatic messagecaptioning a video of her at Fashion Week with a pithy “EDITH PIAF?”. On social networks and in the media, the rumor divides.

The rest after this announcement.

On the afternoon of Saturday, March 9, some even decided to demonstrate against the project. This is what a publication on the social network X by the singer Dadju reveals. who republished a photo of a dozen people posing at night in front of the Seine. Everyone is holding a banner on which it is written: “No way Aya, this is Paris, not the Bamako market.”. This action was claimed in X by The nativesa small Parisian group created in 2021 following the dissolution of the far-right political movement Génération Identitaire.

The rest after this announcement.

“You lynch the greatest artist in the country”

First celebrity to openly take Aya Nakamura’s side, Dadju was outraged by this message. that returns the singer to her origins and that seems to judge her more worthy of singing in a market than during a large-scale ceremony. “That’s why we’re late here. You’re lynching the biggest artist in the country. with CM1 argumentscriticizes Gims’ little brother.

It wasn’t even a fight but now he has to sing., we will support you. It’s not Bamako, it’s not Bamako. “A lot of dogs”, he continues. It remains to be seen if the Olympic Games will be able to count on the presence of Aya Nakamura.

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