Anouchka Delon responds to her brother Anthony Delon’s accusations on TF1 news

Anouchka Delon on TF1’s “8 pm News” Screenshot

Following the accusations of her brother Anthony Delon, Alain Delon’s daughter spoke this Sunday, January 7, during an interview on Audrey Crespo-Mara’s 8pm news program on TF1.

Anouchka Delon He decided to break the silence. This Sunday, January 7, she answered, during an interview on the 8 pm TF1 news, questions from Audrey Crespo-Mara. Already at the center of a legal and media debacle against Hiromi Rollin, Alain Delon’s alleged partner, she now finds herself in the crosshairs of a lawsuit filed by his brother, Anthony Delon.

The latter was announced during a long interview given to the magazine on January 3. Paris Party. He accuses her of having hidden the results of medical examinations carried out on his father in Switzerland. “According to the doctors, these tests demonstrate a cognitive deterioration that places my father in a situation of psychological weakness and, therefore, vulnerability. explains while adding live on television on CNews : “It’s hard to say, but my sister was an accompliceHiromi Rollin . If we had known (for evidence, editor’s note), we would have acted sooner in the Rollin affair. “We would have included them in the complaint.”

The young woman immediately responded to these accusations by filing a complaint against her brother for “defamation”, “slanderous complaint”, “threats” and “harassment”. “Since my father’s stroke, my brothers and I have had access to the same information (…) I did not lie, I was not aware of these results. It only belongs to our father. » When he learned of the existence of this article in Paris PartyAnouchka Delon was in the restaurant accompanied by her husband and son. “I wanted to commit suicide. I tell you this because it is something that has prevented me from sleeping for three days because I refuse to be defamed like this, to be called a manipulator or a liar.”he declares to Audrey Crespo-Mara.

« I am my father’s daughter, I am not the daughter of a wallet. »

Anouchka Delon

Antonio Delon He also suspects that his sister encouraged his father to move to Switzerland for tax reasons. “I have never gone against my father’s wishes in 33 years. My father is being followed in Switzerland by specialists; He suffers from serious illnesses that only affect his family. The only reason he wanted to bring him to Switzerland was so that he could receive treatment (…) it is indecent to pass this off as a tax exile or talk about money. » According to her brother, the inheritance has already been settled, but Anouchka Delon wanted to emphasize that this does not concern her yet. “We feel like we talk about our father as if he were already dead. (…) I am my father’s daughter, I am not the daughter of a wallet. »

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