Anny Duperey tells what she told her daughter Sara Giraudeau to better experience her parents’ fame

Guest of c to you This Monday, January 29, Anny Duperey told how her daughter Sara Giraudeau, with whom she shared the bill at the theater, could not stand her parents’ fame.

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This Monday, January 29, France 5 broadcast a new issue of its daily magazine c to you presented by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, with her columnists: Émilie Tran-Nguyen, Patrick Cohen and Mohamed Bouhafsi. For this first issue of the week, the presenter received as guests: Anny Duperey, Corinne Touzet and Pascal Légitimus. They are all on display in the new work. The duplex who perform at the Théâtre de Paris in the company of Francis Perrin. During the show, the three actors present on the set told their best theatrical memories. The first, Anny Duperey, notably returned to the piece. Pigeon by Jean Anouilh where he shared the bill with his daughter Sara Giraudeau. It was in 2010.

Giraudeau, a difficult name for Anny Duperey’s daughter to bear? “Having famous parents bothered him a lot.”

In 2010, Sara Giraudeau, a young 25-year-old actress and daughter of the late Bernard Giraudeau, tried to establish herself in the world of comedy. However, the name “Giraudeau” seems to be an obstacle for Sara, as she confided in her mother while filming c to you : “First of all, this piece by Jean Anouilh is a marvel to perform. And then Sara, I knew that having famous parents bothered him a lot. She told me: ‘You don’t know how annoying it is when people look at you and always wonder: what’s wrong with you or what’s wrong with you?’ She knew that she wanted to make her way and now they offer us the work.“. Skeptical at the idea of ​​sharing the poster with her famous mother, Sara Giraudeau ended up convinced: “I tell her: ‘Listen Sara, it’s very simple, We are not mother and daughter in the room. It is a period piece. We are a troop of ten. It’s now or never to see if we can do it and it’s been a joy. “It was the team of caring bears (…) We merged in a kind of extraordinary tenderness (…) It was a team of love.” assured Anny Duperey.

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Anny Duperey: her daughter Sara proud of her parents

If having two famous parents was painful for Sara Giraudeau, the 38-year-old ended up making a name for herself. In an interview with Lady Figaro On January 26, the actress showed her pride at the idea of ​​being the daughter of Anny Duperey and Bernard Giraudeau: “Getting rid of their image took time. At first they made me go back to it, I couldn’t take it anymore. But playing, concentrating on work helped me find myself, release my anger, understand what I wanted to say, be. “Today, my acquired freedom, I am the one who speaks of my parents with pride and pleasure,” she delivered.

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