Anick Lemay asks for public help to save his restaurant

Anick Lemay had a very special and dear request to make to his subscribers: raise funds to save his restaurant.

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It was on her Instagram stories that the actress indicated that she was seeking help from the public so as not to have to close the door of Mam’zelle, a restaurant she opened in 2014 in Magog with her sister, Roxanne. and her mother, Diane.

The one we recently saw in the second season ofOne way launched a crowdfunding campaign on the GoFundMe platform to raise money to ensure the sustainability of the establishment.

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In the description, Anick Lemay explains a bit of the history of Mam’zelle, up to what led to this cry for help: The last few years have brought their share of complications for the place: the revitalization of the city center of Magog that has been difficult for merchants, the pandemic, lack of staff and inflation.

So, a few days before having to pay the $40,000 loan from the government, Anick and her family ask for help.

Here is its full text:

“In 2014 we made a dream come true: opening our restaurant! As you can imagine, we put all our juice, arms and heart into it. In family. Because that’s Mam’zelle: a family story. My sister Roxanne, my mother Diane and me, Anick. The first few years were tough, but starting in 2018, our place exploded! It’s good in the mouth, it’s beautiful, it’s warm! I tell you happiness!

2019: The city of Magog “guts” the city center. Disaster for merchants…

2020-21-22: pandemic and loss of brigade…:(

2023: staff shortage + inflation.

Next January 18th we must return the 40K that the government gave us to stay afloat. We dont have it. We were very little when all this started… we didn’t have wool socks…

If we ask for 60K more it is to pay our suppliers and our employees because Magog, in winter, is quiet… and above all, to be able to offer a salary worthy of that name to our next boss.

Thanks for your help.

If by any means you come to eat with us tell us “107” we will know that you helped us recover :)”

If you feel like it, It is possible to make a donation right here..

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