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What is Léa Seydoux’s best film according to AlloCiné ratings? We answer the question on the occasion of the theatrical release of The Beast on February 7.

Léa Seydoux is currently starring in La Bête, directed by Bertrand Bonello. The film divides AlloCiné viewers, who gave it an average score of 2.9 out of 5. The feature film will therefore not be the best with Léa Seydoux!

But then, what is the work done by the actress that obtained the best audience rating on AlloCiné? To find it you don’t have to look far and just go back 3 years. On October 6, 2021, No Time to Die hit the screens. Léa Seydoux played the lead female role, Madeleine Swann, opposite Daniel Craig as James Bond.

With a score of 3.7 out of 5 (average of 17,945 ratings), this 007 work is the best film with Léa Seydoux in an important role (we deliberately excluded films in which she appears briefly, such as The Grand Budapest Hotel (4.2), Mission Impossible 4 (3.8) or Midnight in Paris (3.7)).

What do viewers think?

“It is true that with No Time to Die we leave the character of James Bond with the feeling that everything is over and that he is turning a great page in contemporary cinema; but this end of an overly venerable saga is a great emotional slap in the face. the face that we do not regret having participated in it, and after all, we tell ourselves that this is fine”Cinetim tells us.

The best James Bond?

For his part, Alex007France is also complimentary: “The human side of this film is taken to an intensity never before achieved, without distorting the character or falling into dramatic melodrama, thanks to the excellent performance of Daniel Craig. In addition, numerous and appreciable nods to other films in the saga are judiciously sprayed. This film is for me the best of the 25, without a doubt.”


For Victor M., Dying can wait “rises to the level of Royal Casino and Heavy Rain. Two days after watching it, I am still moved by this film. Some weaknesses in the writing, particularly in the role of the villain played by Rami Malek, but other than that, it is a gripping, impressive, moving and unprecedented adventure for a James Bond. “The perfect conclusion to five Daniel Craig films.”

Did James Bond contempt?

If a large portion of viewers really appreciated this episode of James Bond, scrat28 is a little more cautious. “While the production is stylish and at times stylish, the action scenes themselves are not very original: some car chases, a lot of shootouts, a bit of hand-to-hand combat, really nothing that hasn’t been seen before. And then there’s the absolutely excessive length. I wasn’t bored, but there’s nothing that justifies dragging out a story like that for almost three hours.”

Oliv_78 doesn’t mess around! For this viewer, “They killed the myth! They dared. I am disgusted, terribly disappointed. The ending ruins everything, it is sad, depressing. The producers have no right to do that, the legend of 007 does not belong to them, it goes beyond them.” belongs to the spectators, and also to the inventor, Ian Fleming“.

If you haven’t seen No Time to Die yet, you still have time to form your own opinion. And if you want to see Léa Seydoux on the big screen, The Beast is still showing.

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