Amri (Koh-Lanta) talks about the future of his tribe a few days before reunification

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Back on Instagram before the new episode airs Koh-Lanta: the immunity huntersAmri spoke once again about the difficulties encountered by his team during the adventure.

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He likes to comment on his adventure in Koh-Lanta: the immunity hunters on Instagram, and Amri did it again this Sunday, March 17. Two days before a new episode, which will be broadcast on TF1 on Tuesday, March 19, the former professional boxer spoke out again on the social network. In the last episode, his team, the Kadasi, managed to recover after a long series of defeats that seemed to undermine the morale of the troops. As Amri revealed: “It’s up to us to fight as a team! We will never give up.” After four consecutive losses, the team achieved not one but two very important victories. And the yellow candidate celebrated these successes by declaring: “The main thing was to win back the victory. As a bonus, they gave us fishing equipment, pasta, rice, cookies, coffee, chocolate and eggs. The dream!” But the most important thing, obviously, remained immunity, which allowed the Kadasis to remain seven in the adventure, their opponents being nine.

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Amri took defeats badly

The yellow candidate does not hesitate to trust the doubts he may have felt during his adventure, having a little more perspective than when he was with his companions. The defeats had damaged his morale and that of his entire team and this had affected him greatly: “What I feared most has happened… In fact, doubt has arisen after four consecutive defeats”, he explained on the social network. Fortunately, his competitive nature allowed him to recover and try to find solutions: “How to go back up? How to reverse the trend? (…) The sum of individuals does not form a team. It’s up to us to fight, as a team! “We will never let him go.”revealed.

Amri is confident about the rest of the adventure.

It is with this conquering spirit that Amri captioned a photo of himself, dressed like an adventurer, with a yellow scarf around his neck, shirtless and in shorts, during this Ko Lanta. “We remain focused. The Kadasi have had a bad start, but we must not give up”he wrote, before adding words spoken by one of the greatest athletes of all time, Michael Jordan: “Never give up, it can become a habit.” Upon hearing the wise motto of the former basketball player, Amri concluded by saying: “Surely it is not Ko Lanta I’m going to start giving up.” The future of the yellows should still be riddled with obstacles, but one thing is certain: they are still united.

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