Almost reassuring first trailer for the cursed remake of the cult film.

The RavenThe new version of the cult film from the 90s offers a violent trailer with an invented Bill Skarsgård.

We know this famous story. In 1993, during the filming of the first The Raven, Actor Brandon Lee was accidentally killed during a scene with a gun., he who would marry his fiancée just a few weeks later. This sordid anecdote earned the film, which later became a cult, the reputation of being cursed.

When we learned that a remake was being prepared we could only be curious. Because the original film, as an adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name by James O’Barr, presented a notable Gothic aesthetic and visual style. Then, simply because the film released in ’94 was very good, between its plot, its themes, its emotional depth and Lee’s performance… We were impatiently waiting for the trailer for this remake to arrive, and it’s done:

The Crow, the anti-superhero we had been waiting for for a long time

It’s impossible not to think of superhero “birth” movies when watching this trailer, although we are quite far from them… The Raven, is the story of two soulmates, Eric Draven (Bill Skarsgård) and Shelly Webster (FKA Twigs), brutally murdered by gang members. But soon after, Eric is resurrected by a crow and gains superhuman powers. Determined to find those responsible for the death of the one he loved, Eric takes the path of revenge and becomes The Raven.

The trailer presents a good dose of violence (small shotgun shell in the head), a black and bloody visual style as well as several shots full of symbolism (sometimes a little annoying) obviously linked to the crow and death, all of them logically with Reminiscences of the first film.

An antihero film, therefore, a feature film inspired by comic booksbut not in the superhero genre.. A supposed desire to go in the opposite direction to these productions that have little by little become a source of boredom or simply a scenic tribute to the original film and the graphic novel? It’s hard to say, but in both cases, works quite well.

The Raven: photo, Bill Skarsgård, FKA twigsWe see the reference! We see her!

A project that was on the verge of death

And yet, it was far from being won by this remake, the development phase spanning almost 15 years, moving from director to director over time. Ultimately, it’s Rupert Sanders (ghost in the shell, snow white and the huntsman) who inherited the direction, while in production we find Edward R. Pressman, who already held this position in the original film, as well as Victor Hadida, Molly Hassell and John Jencks. For casting, the two main roles are played by Bill Skarsgård (invented like Alice Cooper or Jared Leto, you decide) and FKA Twigs, also starring Danny Huston as a supporting character.

The Raven: photo, Bill SkarsgårdAlthough it’s a little early for Joker 2

A trailer that serves as a great promise, but Be careful not to fall for the overly ambitious or the American mega blockbuster. (for example with the background music, quite inconsistent with the general aesthetic). Therefore, we remain curious about The Raven, and we hope the movie is a good surprise. To find out we will have to wait. June 5, the film’s release date.

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