Alain Souchon remembers his love story with Isabelle Adjani

Isabelle Adjani and Alain Souchon leaving the Yves Montand concert at the Olympia in Paris. (France, October 14, 1981).
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In 1981, the interpreter of sentimental crowd, married and father of two children, had a tempestuous love affair with the actress. In his autobiography, Life is theater and memories.published on April 11, remembers this period of great joy and pain.

They had a passionate romance in the early 1980s. He, Alain Souchon, interpreter of. sentimental crowd, was already a successful singer. She, Isabelle Adjani, just 26 years old, was beginning her career in film. In his autobiography Life is theater and memories.Released in bookstores on April 11, Laurent Voulzy’s great friend remembers his devastating meeting with the actress, exactly in 1981, on the set of the film Everybody shoots all the flames By Jean-Paul Rappeneau.

“A moment of storm,” he writes in its pages. At that time he was 37 years old and had been married to Françoise for almost eleven years. Together they have two sons, Pierre (now 52 years old) and Charles (46 years old). But the parenthesis of these months of filming and the passion that he experiences with Adjani prevail, at least behind the scenes and for a while. “In this story, all three people suffered,” he says. Although love at first sight is mutual, Alain Souchon hesitates to leave his wife. “We didn’t want to admit it to each other (that we like each other, editor’s note). At first we were in a relationship of seduction and frustration. But we were very in love with each other.”

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Stormy and tormented

Their romance continued until 1984. They both appeared on screen in another film, Killer summer, by Jean Becker, which earned Adjani the César for best actress. But the interpreter of Camille Claudel has a reputation as an artist and as a tempestuous, rebellious, tormented woman. Character traits that please the singer as much as they repel him. “She was not yet the big star that she became, she was building her career. I liked the tormented side of her. She was very, very beautiful and very, very complicated,” she underlines.

Faced with this supercharged passion, Alain Souchon finally chose his wife, Françoise, to whom he has been married for almost 53 years. Adjani being today a sweet and distant memory. “It was over because when he saw that I was staying with my wife, he told me to go to hell. He was very dissatisfied, but it went very well,” he now concludes.

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