Ahmed Sylla explains why he no longer wants to film intimate scenes in A Sunday in the Country

Ahmed Sylla, renowned actor and comedian, had to film some complicated scenes to say the least. He now rejects some of them and trusts Frédéric López in A Sunday in the countryside this January 7 on France 2.

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Although being an actor is the dream of many people, this profession has some disadvantages. Among them, nude scenes or those in which the couple has to be kissed pose many problems for the actors. Ahmed Sylla is one of them and he did not hesitate to talk about it with Frédéric López in the new issue ofA Sunday in the countryside broadcast this January 7, 2024 on France 2, at a slightly different schedule than usual. He first spoke about the death of his father before succeeding, he made some revelations about the filming of the film. Ascension in front of the other two guests of the show, the singer Élisa Tovati and the dancer Marie-Claude Pietragalla.

Ahmed Sylla tells a funny anecdote about Alice Belaïdi in A Sunday in the countryside : “I give him a lousy kiss.”

Released in theaters on January 25, 2017, this feature film tells the story of Samy, who decides to leave his social housing complex to climb Everest and thus prove his love to Nadia, played by Alice Belaïdi, who is, to say the least, skeptical. . about the feelings of this boy whom she considers a soft talker. Ahmed Sylla first explains that his father did not “I’ve never seen (his) first movie.” “The day we made the first trailer for Ascension in Nantes, He went to the hospital and never came out.“, explains the artist. Then he tells an anecdote about a scene that especially bothered him during filming: Alice Belaïdi is a magnificent actress that I adore and during filming we film and I give her a stupid kiss.“.

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“I refuse” : Ahmed Sylla explains why he no longer wants to film love scenes

When the director sees the plans for this famous scene, he explains to Ahmed Sylla that it is not convenient for him and asks him to return to the scene. What the two actors will do in the Paris region since the opening sequence was filmed before the entire team leaves for Nepal. Deeply marked by this experience, the actor does not hesitate to confirm that he does not want to reproduce these types of scenes again. “Even today I can’t do love scenes. It is impossible, I can not. They won’t make me do it“, he declared to Frédéric López.

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