After Winnie, Bambi presents his completely crazy horror movie

No, this is not an April Fool’s Day joke. Bambi is about to join the ranks of distorted characters following his entry into the public domain. In November 2022, the franchise director Pooh: blood and honey revealed the development of a new horror feature film titled Bambi: The Reckoning. Scott Jeffrey then promised a bloody and harrowing version of the great classic by revealing a first draft of the synopsis: “Bambi is a cruel killing machine that lurks in the darkness. The film will be an incredibly dark retelling of the 1928 story we love so much. Get ready to discover Bambi with rage! A little over a year after this statement, the filmmaker fulfills his commitments by sharing a first preview of the next film.

We discover the murderer of Bambi’s mother, visibly worried about the consequences of his act. What follows is a violent car accident, caused by a terrifying adult Bambi, visibly consumed by a feeling of revenge. A release date has not yet been announced and viewers will have to be content with a “soon in the cinema“. In our country, the film should avoid the theatrical release and go directly to the streaming box, as its predecessor did. Pooh: blood and honey. On the other hand, Bambi: The Reckoning will be anchored in a new common cinematic universe, titled Twisted Childhood.

The Avengers of Destroyed Childhood

Last March, Jagged Edge Productions and ITN Studios unveiled Poohniverse: Monsters Gather, an unexpected crossing of icons from our childhood. This feature film makes (not so) subtle reference to the movies Avengers from Marvel will serve as the culmination of the Twisted Childhood Universe. This will bring together the characters of Pooh: blood and honey and Bambi: The Reckoningas well as the other films in development, namely Peter Pan’s Neverland Nightmare and Pinocchio without strings. All of these upcoming projects will contain various easter eggs, among other post-credits scenes, to prepare for this horrible reunion. Enough to remember the practices of a certain heroic universe. Even on the poster, direct inspiration from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is found in the design and font used.

Poohniverse Poster
© Jagged Edge Productions

As horror fans, we would love to see Avengers that only contained villains. There would be Freddy Krueger, Jason, Halloween, Scream, all that. Obviously that will never happen, but we can do it our way, and that’s how this movie was born.” says actor and producer Scott Chambers, director of Jagged Edge. This strange cinematographic event will take place in the year 2025, on a date still unknown. However, this release window confirms that the feature films dedicated to Peter Pan and Pinocchio will debut before that date.

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