Actor Lucius Malfoy joins this cult HBO series

Movies adapted from global literary phenomenon imagined by JK Rowling have the particularity of offer exclusively British castings. Thus, several actors who wanted to join the adventure could not try their luck due to their nationality… This is also one of the reasons why the great Steven Spielberg abandoned the first part, he who hoped to convert Haley Joel Osment (the youngest of Sixth Sense) his Harry. Among the adult actors in the saga, How to forget Jason Isaacs’ unusual performanceWho plays the deceitful Lucius Malfoy?

A promising new season

HBO series have one thing in common: Most of them are of excellent quality.. Numerous examples support our statements, such as the recent The white lotus, absolute success acclaimed by the press and viewerss. In the program of this little gem designed by Mark White – and crowned with countless awards since the beginning of its broadcast -, a proper class struggle in a chain of very high-level hotel establishments. Thus, season 1 takes place in Hawaii, while the second part of the anthology series It takes place in Italy, more precisely in Sicily.

white lotus

Several countries have expressed their desire to welcome the next filming of the successful series. Finally, as revealed Varietythe backdrop of this third season it will be thailand. On the other hand, the next plot is jealously guarded. We only know that it will revolve around a new group of vacationers, including the famous Jason Isaacs, who dreamed of joining this other great popular series. Considering his previous roles, we think in particular about the series. The OA -, he could well play an antagonist. In any case, We can’t wait to find out in The white lotus. It remains to be seen if his character will be closer to Lucius at the beginning of the saga. that is, a proud and disdainful man who inspires fearor at the end, in which his cowardice and his fear of Voldemort make him lose his splendor. Exactly, did you know that the British have first he wanted to refuse Is this result still so coveted?

a very nice experience

Comedian, with an impressive filmography, he hardly lent his features to Drago’s formidable father. In fact, in 2017, the actor confided in digital spy which initially passed the tests of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, but with a view to a completely different role. In fact, Isaacs hopes to play Gilderoy Lockhart, ultimately played by Kenneth Branagh, a big Hercule Poirot fan. However, all is not lost, as the British caught the attention of the productionwho then considers it in Lucius’ score.


But Jason Isaacs doubts: has already been cast as Captain Hook for an adaptation of Peter Pan in real shots. Not willing to always maintain the figure of the “bad guy”, also in works for childrenHe tells his agent that he is not interested in the offer.

When they call, tell them no thanks, explain to them that I’m going to play Captain Hook.

But the actor’s family doesn’t see it that way. Thus, the latter claims to have received countless calls of their loved ones. Nephews, nieces, godchildren… Even his parents begged him to accept..

Not only because they cared about me, but also because they dreamed of coming to visit the set! I ended up accepting. Thank God I accepted!

All’s well That ends well ! Isaacs obviously had the time of his life, even participating in physical development of his character. Cherry on the cake, The actor has forged very strong ties with Tom Feltonwho plays his son on screen.

At the moment, no release date has been announced for the long-awaited season 3 of The white lotus.

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