A new series will be launched with 10 to 12 star players.

Have you seen the series? Attack player or the series Fully operational on netflix?

Basically, the premiere features three NFL quarterbacks (Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins ​​​​and Marcus Mariota) and each episode is dedicated to what happens behind the scenes during the season.

The second features some of the best golf players in the world and each episode focuses on a special moment during the PGA (or LIV Golf) season.

These two sample– there (could also have talked about Drive to survive in F1 and Breaking point for tennis) are cools It must be seen because it allows everyone to put themselves in the shoes of an athlete for a moment.

It’s different, because we see things that we don’t necessarily see on television… And in general it helps increase the popularity of each sport because series like this give a lot of visibility.

I’m talking to you about Attack player and Fully operational because today, on the sidelines of the CEO meeting, we learned that the NHL has signed a partnership with Amazon for the production of a new series featuring between 10 and 12 star players from the league.

According to insider Chris Johnston, said series could see the light of day next fall:

Honestly, it’s about time the NHL got its act together.

It’s long been said that the league needs to find a way to promote its best players…

And this is exactly what will be possible with the creation of the new series, whose name we still do not know.

There are great personalities in the NHL and it will be nice to discover more of them.

My instinct tells me that David Pastrnak will be one of the players to watch, because we know what a buffoon he is in everyday life…

Could Cole Caufield, who we recognize all the time by his huge smile, also be one of the participants?

That would please a lot of fans in Montreal…

I’m also excited to see how much we can learn in the lives of players. Of course, the cameras won’t follow the guys 24/7, but still.

Bravo to the NHL for the idea!

A lot

– Well deserved.

– I don’t like the rule.

– It is necessary to talk about it!

– Oh?

– Damage.

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