A monumental collapse of the Jaguars

Just a month and a half ago, the Jaguars were atop their division with a record of eight wins and three losses. A playoff spot was all but in the bag unless a cataclysm occurred. The season just ended with five losses in six games and this team is redefining the term “clash.”

In sports, it is known, we talk about a team that “crashes” to explain that it collapses under pressure. In the case of the Jaguars, we are simply speaking in good French of a landing of epic proportions.

With their record of 8-3 on November 26, the various probability models estimated their chances of making the playoffs between 96 and 99%. It was necessary that the Jaguars could thwart such strong odds!

At the end of November, no one was talking about the playoffs in Jacksonville. Instead, we dream of first place in the conference and home-field advantage with a first-round bye. Go on vacation, but it will be until next September instead of one short week.

His last mistake was fatal, against the Titans, who finished their season with a 6-11 record and were not dominant. This 28-20 loss not only confirmed their elimination from the race, but also the American Conference South division title at the hands of the surprising Texans.

It also allowed the Steelers and Bills to clinch playoff spots.

Ironically, the Titans were 7-3 a year ago before collapsing and being eliminated from the playoffs by the Jaguars in Week 18. A year later, the roles are reversed.

Hard end of season

Trevor Lawrence didn’t find any solution to the Titans’ defensive schemes.

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Therefore, the Jaguars lost five of their last six games of the season. The only victory was recorded at the hands of the sad Panthers (2-15), the worst team in the league. There’s a lot to put a bag over your head over the next few months.

Some will say that Trevor Lawrence played the last few games despite several injuries, including the one against the Titans with a shoulder injury. That’s true, but the excuse doesn’t hold water.

The Texans were without quarterback CJ Stroud for two games and will be in the playoffs. The Browns have been forced to use five quarterbacks and will be in the playoffs. The Steelers have been juggling three quarterbacks and will be in the playoffs. That’s life in the NFL…

Questionable decisions

A monumental collapse of the Jaguars

Head coach Doug Pederson is sure to come under fire in Jacksonville.

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Lawrence, who seemed on his way to becoming one of the league’s great quarterbacks after his stellar finish last season, hasn’t been up to par this season.

In a duel without result, he was the victim of two interceptions. Therefore, the offense has committed 12 turnovers in the last five games.

However, he is not the only one to blame and head coach Doug Pederson will be held accountable. The Jaguars’ game management in the final sequence left a lot to be desired and the offense did not convert any of its three-quarter attempts. Only one of the three presences in the pay zone resulted in a touchdown. There are many points left on the field.

On a critical fourth down with just over a yard to go to reach the end zone, it is quite surprising to see Lawrence attempt a long “breakaway” from the quarterback. This game, except for the Eagles who master it perfectly, is mainly used when there are just a few centimeters left to gain.

Pederson said after the game that the decision came from Lawrence, who himself reportedly changed the play at the line of scrimmage. In any case, the result was regrettable.

One thing’s for sure: The Jaguars won’t be able to sit back and tell themselves they have a potential prodigy in Lawrence.

A few weeks ago we thought the Jaguars were alone in this division. We forget that they are no better than them at getting tangled in their own boots.

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