“A kind of Andrei Markov but a little more robust”

When we think about the best defensemen to play for the Canadiens over the last 20 years, we agree that there are obvious names that can be part of the discussion.

Shea Weber, PK Subban, Andrei Markov, we can even talk about Mike Matheson…

That said, the CH has good young defenders within the organization and in a few years we will surely be able to add other names to the group we found previously.

For example, David Reinbacher has the potential to be part of the squad. The fifth pick of the last draft debuted with the Rockets and impressed a lot… So much so that there have been a lot of positive comments about him lately.

Anthony Marcotte has a chance to see it up close and likes the defender’s work so far.

It’s worth what it’s worth because the comparison game can be dangerous, but the Rocket’s voice sees a bit of Andrei Markov in Reinbacher. The Habs and NHL site also wrote an article about the topic :

Once again, the comparison game is not an exact science and everyone knows that Reinbacher will not have an identical career to Markov.

After all, things don’t work like that, even if the styles of the two players are somewhat similar, because we are talking about two defensemen who are calm with the puck and who excel in their decision making.

On the other hand, it can still give an idea of ​​Reinbacher’s potential and this is precisely where he is interesting for the Montreal organization and its followers.

If Reinbacher is able to become a reliable defender on 200 feet of ice like Markov was for so long in Montreal, there’s no one in town who’s going to waste his time.

Markov was such a help to the club despite the organization’s difficult years that it is impossible to forget him…

And Reinbacher must have this mentality too.

A lot

– Matthew Tkachuk will not play tonight.

– Defeat tonight. 4-1.

–Do you say yes or no?

– McDavid, MacKinnon and Forsberg are the NHL stars of the month of March.

– It’s still strange.

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