A former Top Chef candidate, victim of a “major traffic accident,” shows the impressive damage

Rubén Sarfati, former participant of top boss In 2012 and 2014, he was the victim of a serious traffic accident. True miracle, he posted photos of his seriously damaged car.

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Rubén Sarfati revealed his participation in the program An almost perfect dinner, where he had shone despite his very young age. After his successful career in the program, the young candidate who turned professional tried his luck in top boss in 2012 when he was just 18 years old. He then lasted four weeks in the competition in the season of Juan Arbeláez and Norbert Tarayre. He returned during the fifth edition of the culinary show in 2014. Now a home chef, Rubén Sarfati testified on his Instagram account about the terrible car accident he suffered yesterday, Tuesday, February 6.

An error in judgment was the cause of the accident according to Rubén Sarfati

The former candidate of top boss He revealed on the social network several photographs of his damaged car, the condition of which leaves little doubt about the violence of the accident. Rubén Sarfati is a true miracle. “We have 2 lives. The second begins when we realize that we only have one… ‘You must have a guardian angel sir’. This was when I got up from the ground when I had barely managed to escape out the passenger side window, which the firefighter told me, while I was lying on the ground. This morning, on the way between my house and a delivery, I had a big traffic accident. How are you. I really don’t know how it’s possible, but it’s okay.” he wrote in the caption of the photos of the completely crushed car. Rubén Sarfati then told the story of his terrible accident. “It happened very quickly. A big mistake in judgment on my part, then everything fell into place. And I found myself trapped between a heavy truck and a car… (Close to whiplash, being in a sandwich, a shame for a chef, right?) No phone, no alcohol, no excessive speed.’fair‘an error of judgment. It puts things into perspective, a lot. It makes you want to live, strong”he writes.

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Rubén Sarfati emerged completely unharmed from his accident

Then the boss indicated that he would now rest a little because he was “stunned“However, Rubén Sarfati gave news of his physical condition in the stories of his Instagram account. After 12 hours in the emergency room. I have nothing, nothing, walou. Thanks for your messages. We will digest this episode. Rest and emerge adult!He concluded.

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