A cheerleading coach allegedly made his 12-year-old victim believe they were a couple “secretly”

A Salaberry-de-Valleyfield cheerleading coach whose professional activity revolves around young people has just been accused of a series of sexual crimes, since he allegedly had an extramarital “relationship” with a minor for many years.

Yan Lecompte, 48, was formally charged Tuesday with sexual assault, touching, inciting sexual contact with the victim and himself, sexual exploitation, production and possession of child pornography and transmitting sexually explicit, attractive and exhibitionist material.


Yan Lecompte will remain free pending further court proceedings.


He remains free pending further proceedings and is due back in court on June 12. The file will be handled by a prosecutor from the Director of Criminal and Criminal Prosecutions (DPCP) of a team specialized in sexual violence at the Valleyfield court.

double view

The identity of the victim, who was just 12 years old when the alleged abuse began, is protected by a publication ban.

The young woman was allegedly a victim of her attacker for a decade.

According to our information, Lecompte lived a double life with the teenager, making her believe in particular that they were a “secret” couple. According to the complaint, the first alleged crimes, which occurred in 2013, are mainly touch incitements and cases of Internet deception. But in 2015, full-blown sexual assaults allegedly began.

Gym, cheerleading and hockey.

Yan Lecompte is a well-known man in the region, especially in the world of youth sports. He is the main administrator of the Campi-Agile gymnastics club, the largest school in the sector in this discipline. The nonprofit organization periodically receives public and private financial assistance. A few days ago, the club announced that it would host the Quebec Championships in women’s and men’s gymnastics and trampoline sports in 2024.

Campi-Agile also manages the Sparks cheerleading club, which welcomes young people from 5 years old.

Lecompte is heavily involved with cheerleading, especially as a coach, and regularly participates in the numbers during performances and competitions. The organization did not respond to our interview request.


Yan Lecompte at the World Cheerleading Championships in October 2023.


Additionally, the alleged sex offender was an instructor at the Pro Conduite school in Valleyfield. He regularly met teenagers who wanted to get a driving license. However, the company confirmed that he had fired him on Tuesday.

He is also said to be involved in other sporting organizations, particularly hockey.

According to our information, it would be very possible that Yan Lecompte had other victims, potentially young people that he could have met in the different associations around which he revolves.

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