A candidate quickly becomes the favorite of “Big Brother Celebrities 4” viewers

Although there are still more comedians than any other profession on Big Brother Celebrities this year, the production has made a clear effort to bring more diversity of professions within its 2024 cast.

We found models, athletes (including a Paralympic athlete), a drag queen, influencers, a French reality star and a singer. It was she who delighted the hearts of Quebecers when she entered the house on Sunday. At 75 years of age (the oldest of all editions of Eldest brother in America), Patsy Gallant surprised the gallery with her audacity, flexibility and humor.

The one with more than 70 years of career behind her quickly joined forces with the two handsome young men of the house (reality television star Bastos and former MMA champion Patrick Côté).

I have two sugar daddies in the place: Not worse huh!

How not to fall under the spell of this woman without a filter?

Watching her wander around the different rooms of the house looking for clues was adorable. “ I don’t know how to count she repeated, completely distraught at not being able to memorize the number of bathroom doors and the glasses in the display cases. It’s also impossible not to break down when you see her looking for an outlet (which she pronounces “ploye”) in the rooms. Because? “ If I tell you, you’ll say I’m too old to be here! »

If Patsy Gallant runs the risk of appearing among the viewers’ favorites this season, there are other contenders for the title, starting with Érika Suárez.

The comedian, whom we saw last fall in After the Flood, will undoubtedly know how to win over Quebecers thanks to his contagious joie de vivre and his colorful phrasing. If she was discreet during this first broadcast (a proven strategy), she will be able to surprise us in the coming weeks. This is one to see!

Patrick Côté, elected first boss of the season, is also very friendly, enough to earn a special place in the hearts of the public. Danick Martineau also knew how to make a good first impression, both on viewers and on his new roommates. We also believe that comedian Mélanie Ghanimé will be able to stand out and entertain us with her colorful quotes (like this one, released in the first program).

As for alliances, we can expect that Pascale de Blois and Gabrielle Marion, the new Twins, will be unmasked quickly, as will Patsy Gallant and Bastos, who are not showing much subtlety at the moment…

All this promises an excellent season of Big Brother Celebrities!

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