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After Indiana Jones 5, when will we see Harrison Ford in the movies again? We take stock!

Harrison Ford, 81, recently proved that he is still in great shape! Between Indiana Jones 5 and the series Shrinking and 1923, the actor does not plan to retire. After taking over the famous archaeologist’s whip and hat in The Dial of Destiny in 2023, will we soon see the actor again on the big screen?

Harrison Ford in Marvel

We won’t have to wait long to see Harrison Ford making a splash in theaters again. On February 12, 2025, the artist will star in his first Marvel: Captain America Brave New World.

Following the death of William Hurt, who played Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross since The Incredible Hulk, Harrison Ford took over the role. The latter will transform into his gigantic and angry alter ego: Red Hulk.

There is also talk that he will be present in Thunderbolts, Marvel’s Suicide Squad, but this is not official yet. This work will be released after Captain America 4 on April 30, 2025. According to IMDb, Harrison Ford is not attached to any big screen projects apart from Brave New World.

On the other hand, we already know that there will be a season 2 of the series derived from Yellowstone, 1923. At the moment no information about filming has been revealed but it shouldn’t take long. Harrison Ford plays Jacob Dutton, ancestor of John Dutton, a character played by Kevin Costner in Yellowstone.

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Indy, it’s over

In addition, the actor confirmed that he would not reprise the role of Indiana Jones, neither in the movies, nor in the series that Disney+ is preparing around the franchise. “This is the last film in the saga and it is the last time I play this character”he chanted while promoting The Dial of Destiny.

James Mangold, director of Indiana Jones 5, spoke about the project of this series on the podcast Happy, Sad Confused. “I took a look at what the producers were developing for this series, but I think in the end it was purely speculative. In any case, it had nothing to do with Indiana Jones, it was just supposed to take place in the character’s universe.”he confided.

After the commercial failure of the film at the box office ($383 million internationally for a budget of $300 million), did Disney revise its plans and cancel the series? We have no further information at this time. Meanwhile, The Dial of Destiny is available on the Mickey platform.

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