7.5 million euros in fines from the TPMP, interventionism… the fiery hearings of Vincent Bolloré and Cyril Hanouna before the parliamentary commission of inquiry

Bolloré will be heard at 3 p.m. in the National Assembly by this commission created by the LFI deputies.

His hearing is eagerly awaited because his public interventions are few: the last one dates back to January 2022 before another investigative commission, that of the Senate on the concentration of the media.

He then dodged questions about his political role, which arose even more sharply two years later.

CNewsone of the channels of the Canal+ group, is Regularly accused by left-wing figures of promoting far-right views.which she questions.

Following a call from RSF (Reporters Without Borders), the Council of State asked Arcom, the audiovisual regulator, in mid-February to strengthen its control over CNewsand by extension all television and radio.

The alleged interventionism of Mr. Bolloré in the channels he controls will be at the center of the deputies’ questions.

On February 29, during the hearing of those responsible for Canal+, the director of CNewsSerge Nedjar, assured that there was no “I never suffered any pressure” of the billionaire.

But he admitted to having her on the phone. “practically every day or every other day to talk about the hearings”Looking good.

On the same day, the commission also received the stars of CNewsPascal Praud, Laurence Ferrari and Sonia Mabrouk, with whom the conversations had been tense.

biased judgment

Mr. Bolloré’s hearing occurs two weeks after Arcom began the process of renewing 15 digital terrestrial television (DTT) frequencies. This procedure will determine which channels will have the right to broadcast in France in 2025.

The delicate question is whether CNews and C8another channel from the Canal+ group (which is part of the media giant Vivendi), will maintain its frequency after numerous reminders from the regulator.

After Mr. Bolloré, The commission will hear from Cyril Hanouna on Thursday at 2pm..

Its broadcasts, starting with the main one, “Touche pas à mon poste!” (TPMP), have won in recent years C8 to rain of Arcom sanctionsfor a total of 7.5 million euros in fines.

ses “overflows” are “a risk” It is assumed, said the general director of Canal+, Maxime Saada, on February 29. Yannick Bolloré, chairman of Vivendi’s supervisory board, made comments along the same lines on Monday, evoking “the risks of living”.

Sunday on the social network. “a special program on the full report” of his audience. He had already done the same after those of February 29, denouncing “a political court”.

You must report on Vincent Bolloré’s hearing that will take place the day before.. “I’m sure it will interest the public more.”the rapporteur of the LFI commission, Aurélien Saintoul, responded on the same network.

The day after the tense hearings on February 29, the deputy accused the channels of the Canal+ group of living “abuse” and “to break the rules”.

These hearings sparked criticism from the right and far-right, with Eric Ciotti (LR) and Marine Le Pen (RN) in particular criticizing the commission for being biased.

“I hope I am biased. I am not a judge, this is not a judicial investigation that we are carrying out, it is a parliamentary commission of inquiry”replied Mr. Saintoul, according to whom the work is based on the plurality of “points of view”.

The commission is chaired by Renaissance MP Quentin Bataillon.

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