585 million dollars: the ending of this post-apocalyptic film traumatized the public! Is a sequel planned? – Movie news

Memorable post-apocalyptic film, I Am Legend with Will Smith, will it have a sequel? We take stock!

Released in December 2007, I Am Legend left its mark, eventually becoming a cult film. Directed by Francis Lawrence and directed by Will Smith, this adaptation of a Richard Matheson novel grossed $585 million in worldwide receipts on a $150 million budget. In France, the play attracted 3 million spectators, a great success.

Back in 2012, rumors began to spread about a sequel before quickly dying out. 10 years later, a twist! In March 2022, I Am Legend was officially announced with Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan in the lead roles and Akiva Goldsman writing the script. Francis Lawrence will also return to his position as director.

A long-awaited sequel

At the end of the film, Robert Neville passed the gun to the left, destroying any chance of seeing him return for a possible sequel. In 2019, Francis Lawrence stated on the Happy Sad Confused podcast:

“Warner really wanted to do another one, but I didn’t see what we could do. I thought about it and came to the conclusion that people wanted to see The Last Man on Earth, so we showed them The Last Man on Earth.”

“But since he dies at the end, we couldn’t do anything else with him. What’s more, I think viewers aren’t attached to the character like they might be with an Indiana Jones. He’s not the kind of icon that could come back again and again.”he said.

“It was a bit slow for me to make a prequel, it would have been a lot like Contagion. And making a sequel with Robert Neville wouldn’t have been possible anyway, or else you’d have to do something really stupid, like ‘scientists took his DNA and managed to recreate him.’ “It would have been completely stupid, so I preferred to retire.”Francis Lawrence had insisted.

Resuscitator Will Smith

However, the director could not think of any other solution. To make this sequel possible, it has been rumored for 10 years that screenwriter Akiva Goldsman was going to use the alternate ending of the story, present in the Blu-ray/DVD extras of the first film.

This information was confirmed by Will Smith himself during the Red Sea International Film Festival. “I have a call with Michael B. Jordan tomorrow.”the actor confided when he spoke. “We’re very close, the script just arrived. I’m probably giving away too much information.”

“You have to be a real I Am Legend fan to know that, but in the film version, my character dies, while on the DVD there is an alternate version of the ending where my character survives. We follow the mythology of the DVD version. No “I can’t tell you anything else, but Michael B. Jordan is in the game.”revealed Will Smith.

Currently in pre-production, I Am Legend 2 does not yet have an announced release date; However, it should not hit theaters before 2025. In the meantime, we will find Will Smith in Bad Boys 4 on June 12.

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