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Will Gerard Butler return for a fourth installment of the action saga “The Fall of…”? We are trying to answer this thorny question!

Between 2013 and 2019, Gerard Butler delighted action film fans with a muscular trilogy: The Fall of the White House, The Fall of London and The Fall of the President. After $500 million in worldwide revenue, will the franchise return to the big screen?

Did Mike Banning retire?

After providing assistance to US President Allan Trumbull (Morgan Freeman) in the last episode, has Agent Mike Banning retired? In December 2020, Deadline announced that a new adventure of this super agent would soon see the light of day. Titled Night Has Fallen, this fourth film was going to be directed by Ric Roman Waugh, already the author of The Fall of the President.

4 years later, it is clear that this sequel has never seen the light of day. This could be partly explained by the conflict between Gerard Butler and the production companies Nu Image, Millennium Films and Padre Nuestro Productions. In August 2021, the actor demanded $10 million from the studios, accusing them of fraud and breach of contract.

“The producers have made tens of millions of dollars from Downfall, but they refuse to pay Butler a cent of the profits he was promised in the parties’ agreement. The producers have engaged in a scheme designed to grossly misrepresent the financials of the film, so Butler would believe that none of these payments were due.specifies the complaint, transmitted by Variety in July 2021.

Gerard Butler dragon slayer

Since this conflict, which dates back more than two years, we have had no further news. Therefore, we can deduce that Night Has Fallen was put in a drawer on the production side. After The Downfall of the President, Ric Roman Waugh reunited with Gerard Butler in 2020 for Greenland. It seems that the two men have decided to focus on the sequel to this action film, titled Greenland Migration, currently in pre-production.

At the moment, Gerard Butler has started filming Dragons, the live-action adaptation of the animated film saga. He will reprise his role as the Viking Stoik, played vocally in the animated trilogy.

Dragons is one of many projects in Gerard Butler’s pipeline, which will be very busy in the coming years (In The Hand of Dante, Criminal Squad 2, Remote Control, Just Watch Me). In the meantime, you can catch Gerard Butler in Kandahar on Prime Video or in Mayday on MyCanal.

Kassovitz is the new Gerard Butler

In addition, a series derived from the saga will soon be released, starring Mathieu Kassovitz. It will be called The Fall of Paris. As for the scripts, Howard Overman, the creator of the acclaimed Misfits, will be in charge of the scripts, while Oded Ruskin (False Flag) will be in charge of directing. The series will be broadcast in France on Canal+.

In Paris Has Fallen, Mathieu Kassovitz will step into the shoes of Vincent, an agent in charge of protecting a French minister, who is the target of a terrorist group led by Jacob. Vincent works with MI6 agent Zara to ensure the politician’s safety.

But very quickly they will end up finding themselves at the center of a conspiracy much bigger than they imagine. They suspect that one of their security service colleagues is passing information to Jacob, who always manages to stay one step ahead in their quest to bring down Paris.

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