“5 years of pure happiness!” Clémence Lassalas (Charlie) announces her “great departure”, Adher (Nathan) and Ariane Séguillon (Christelle Moreno) cry

It’s time to go for Charlie in Tomorrow belongs to us the TF1 series. Her interpreter Clémence Lassalas published a few words on Instagram.

The rest under this announcement.

“Charlie will end up going to Canada alone.. François will calm your spirits by wishing you a safe trip. This is a good spoiler for you!” He warned us Clemencia Lassalas, his interpreter, a week ago. The departure of this endearing character will be broadcast this Thursday, February 7 on TF1 in Tomorrow belongs to us. It is punctuated by an explanation between François and Charlie, then a party at the Morenos’ house with Nathan, Gabriel, Amel and Adam and, finally, a very moving summary of their trip. And like some fans of the TF1+ platform, Clemencia Lassalas He was able to witness their farewells in advance.

Tomorrow belongs to us : Clemence Lassalas “very proud” from this episode

“I had the opportunity to watch tonight’s episode in advance. And I’m very proud of it, and particularly of the work of the entire team. Because, above all, Tomorrow belongs to us, It’s a family story. My second family. I can’t wait to show you this. I love you“, in writing Clemencia Lassalas in the story of his Instagram account followed by more than 108,000 subscribers. To illustrate her message, the actress shared photographs of her friends Camille Genau, Ariane Séguillon, Martin Mille, Kenza Saïb-Couton, Solène Hébert and Adher. Clemencia Lassalas He also wrote in a post: “5 years and 1269 sequences later 🥹. That’s it, it’s time for the big game. It’s time for a well-deserved rest. 5 years where I had the opportunity to develop this character that I love so much. From a teenage pest to a confident and sensitive young woman… 5 years of pure happiness. 5 years building myself, surrounded by extraordinary people. My second family. 5 years now… Thank you for trusting me @tf1 @dna_tf1 @newen_studios, the teams and my colleagues. And thank you for believing in Charlie, for hating her and for loving her. It is thanks to you that she began this extraordinary adventure 🤍 I couldn’t dream of a better character to play. But anyway, I’m not going to go into more details, it’s not a farewell but a simple “see you soon” 😉 See you soon then. 😏🥰“. Nathan’s interpreter also saw this episode of Charlie’s departure. And he didn’t get over it.

The rest under this announcement.

Tomorrow belongs to us : this episode “moved” Adher

Crying after the viewing, he met his fans at 7:10 p.m. “Family, I watched tonight’s episode. It touched me. It’s strange though. I’m the one playing. I’m going to miss her, I’m going to miss her. See you tonight.”declared Adrien Gabeulet, his real name, in a story on his Instagram account followed by more than 516,000 subscribers. “I love Clémence Lassalas very much. Prepare your handkerchiefs,” added the young actor in the title of his video speech. As for Ariane Séguillon, she posted in several messages posted on her Instagram account: “I love you mama Clemencia Lassalas, I already miss you a lot. Thank you for all these magical moments on Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1 ma Clémence Lassalas. See you soon. I love you”.

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