5 series that deserve a second chance and should be added to the Avengers saga

Netflix’s Marvel series have joined the official MCU canon, but that would be forgetting these five shows that deserve the same fate.

The universe of MCU takes over projects from other streaming services or TV channels. This is how they like Marvel shows made by Netflix Reckless, Punisher, Jessica Jones and the rest of The defenders have joined the official Marvel canon: their stories now incorporate the Avengers saga.

However, several series from the Marvel brand but not produced by Disney and Marvel Studios such as The Agents of SHIELD either Fugitives It deserves to be considered canon and not just alternate realities of the MCU. Therefore, we list five series unfairly marginalized which should join the main Marvel continuity.

WandaVision: photo, Elizabeth OlsenWhen the best Marvel series take away your first place

5. Hit-Monkey

  • Release: November 2021
  • Duration: 10 episodes

Marvel's Hit-Monkey : photoMarvel ghost version

Marvel has numerous animated series expanding the license, and there are more on the way like X-Men ’97. However, few have captured our attention as it did Hit-Monkey. Given the synopsis, we wonder if its creators Will Speck and Josh Gordon did not take advantage of a moment of weakness among the heads of Marvel Studios to achieve this project. Among the thousands of adaptable characters, how could Hit-Monkey, this hitman monkey pursued by the ghost of a murderer, be chosen? The existence of This Hulu show is therefore a miracleand it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.

Hit-Monkey hits hard by nervously staging bloody violence like Marvel has never done on screen. Broken arm, exploded head, severed body, the series does not reject anything and has fun with this brutality that. In addition to the action inspired by Japanese animation, the buddy-movie series has the typical humor of adult cartoons such as Goalkeeper and Rick and Morty, which is completely absent in the original comics. Even stronger, Hit-Monkey manages to put aside the trash side of him to create compassion for this monkey who has become a murderer (although he doesn’t speak).

4. Fugitives

  • Released: November 2017 (Season 1) – December 2018 (Season 2) – December 2019 (Season 3)
  • Duration: 10 episodes (seasons 1 and 3) – 13 episodes (season 2)

Marvel's Runaways: Photo Rhenzy Feliz, Gregg Sulkin, Virginia Gardner, Ariela BarerThe Teenage Avengers

With a total of three seasons under its belt, the last of which concluded in 2019, Fugitives is the little-known and underrated nugget of the MCU. And this may be because the show broadcast on Hulu at the time was slow to bring out its superhero side. In reality, the heart of the series is in its teenagers brutally thrown into the world of adults, as if marvel met ThThe breakfast club. The show really embraces its superhero aspect in later seasons.

This is the strength of Fugitivesand what differentiates it from other projects of the genre. It is dedicated above all to its protagonists, whether good or bad, children or adults. The series thus acquires the air of a choral story, without getting too bogged down in its numerous intrigues (there are quite a few tired situations). Unfortunately, The fugitives Know the fate of too many series. Removed from Disney+, also not available on Hulu. An unfortunate fate as we see that the MCU is working to reunite the Young Avengers, to which the Runaways could have been added.

3. Agent Carter

  • Released: January 2015 (season 1) – January 2016 (season 2)
  • Duration: 8 episodes (season 1) – 10 episodes (season 2)

Marvel's Agent Carter: Photo Hayley AtwellPeggy Carter also exists without Captain America

Before having a new surge in popularity thanks to the superhero Captain Carter in And if… ?Captain America’s ally played by Hayley Atwell had her first hour of glory with her series in 2015. In fact, agent carter It follows the spy in 1947 during the creation of SHIELD with Howard Stark (Iron Man’s father) and his butler Jarvis. All of this is done in the context ofA patriarchy that Carter combats as the vestiges of Nazism.. After a very enjoyable first season, expanding the atmosphere of 1940s New York from the first Captain AmericaAgent Carter flew to Los Angeles in search of a different, but still pleasant atmosphere.

I do agent carter suffers from somewhat silly writing, we can see it as a reminder of the tone of pulp comics published during the Great Depression (yes, we like this series!). Above all, without this show, the MCU’s Peggy Carter would be limited to appearances dependent on Steve Rogers’ emotions. With agent carter, the heroine played by the charismatic Hayley Atwell really emancipates herself.

2. Agents of SHIELD

  • Release: September 2013 to May 2020
  • Duration: 22 episodes (season 1 to 5) – 13 episodes (season 6 to 7)

Agents of SHIELD : Photo Chloe Bennet, Elizabeth Henstridge, Iain De Caestecker, Clark Gregg, Ming-Na Wen, Brent DMCU X-Files

In its beginnings, The Agents of SHIELD It was part of the MCU. But as the seasons have passed, the series has moved away from the saga canon to brilliantly develop its own universe. In fact, each new season explores new concepts in the MCU, Exploit the Marvel universe as much as you can.. We can talk about this equivalent to secret invasionin version of And if…?, time travel, the Negative Zone, etc. In addition, the series successfully adapts several heroes such as Deathlok, Ghost Rider in a car, Graviton and Quake, whom we hope to see again one day in the MCU.

The Agents of SHIELD Now it shows very tired special effects, however, the series oozes love for comics. We find the Marvel spirit at its finest. when he is able to mix science fiction, espionage, superheroes and humor with generosity. This heart put to work is manifested in particular in this casting full of communicative energy, starring a Clark Gregg who played a supporting role in Avengers to hero of his own series.

1. legion

  • Released: February 2017 (Season 1) – April 2018 (Season 2) – June 2019 (Season 3)
  • Duration: 8 episodes (seasons 1 and 3) – 11 episodes (season 2)

Legion season 1: Photo Rachel Keller, Dan StevensThis image hides winks to the X-Men

Legion It is the rare gem of the superhero genre. It’s simple, the show from Noah Hawley, the man behind the brilliant series. fargo – is a captivating cinematographic object because of the freedom it enjoyed. Using variations of moods and tones, each episode takes us towards crazier horizons than the previous ones – and with the soundtrack of The Who, Jefferson Airplane or Pink Floyd, we can’t help but love it. This invitation to escape is so delusional that it makes the journey into the labyrinthine mind of the hero David difficult for those who are not willing to throw themselves into this fast-paced universe.

As soon as he wrote it, Noah Hawley decided Take free inspiration from the original X-Men comics., resorting to the concepts that the characters embody instead of making a faithful transcription of them. Furthermore, the story often undermines its characters, pushing them to their mental limits with an adventure where past, present, future, reality and fiction merge and respond to each other. Quality casting, starting with Aubrey Plaza, Rachel Keller and Dan Stevens, is able to deliver nuanced performances that definitely make it Legion A unique Marvel series.

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