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While “Dead Reckoning” is visible on CANAL+ and W9 broadcasts “Fallout” this Monday, January 15, what about “Mission: Impossible 8”? When should the next episode of the saga starring Tom Cruise be released?

In 1996, the Mission: Impossible saga will celebrate its 30th anniversary. And, like its main actor, it does not seem to be losing strength, despite a seventh episode that did not perform as well as expected at the global box office, in the heart of a summer of 2023 marked by Barbie supremacy. and Oppenheimer.

But an eighth film is still planned, which will be a direct sequel to the previous one, visible on CANAL+ from January 12. And since W9 will broadcast Fallout this Monday the 15th, it is an opportunity to take stock of the upcoming film. And have a little patience.

Why a two-part story?

In an ideal world, where Covid wouldn’t have shut down Hollywood for several months before tiptoeing back into action, Mission Impossible 7 and 8 would be filmed in quick succession. Like the sequels to Back to the Future and The Matrix.

If Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie were to revise their filming plans, the initial ambition remains the same. And this is confirmed by the title of episode 7, revealed at the same time as the first trailer: Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1.

Why are we fighting like this? Why are we trying to cram all of this into two hours? Let’s cut the story in half and make two movies.

“I knew I wanted to expand the cast and give each of these characters more things to do, so I knew the movie would be bigger and longer than FallHe told the director and co-writer that Collider. “At one point, I said to myself, ‘Why are we fighting like this? Why are we trying to squeeze all this into two hours? Let’s cut (the story) in half and make two movies.’

“That’s really why I wanted to make a two-part movie. Not only because the story was bigger but also because we wanted more emotion in it.”

Release date: when is Mission Impossible 8 coming out? Where can we see it?

Premiering on June 26, 2024 in France: the film will now be released on May 21, 2025. Is this no surprise? Lors de l’avant-première mondiale du 7 à Rome, theater de l’un de ses morceaux de bravoure de él, Tom Cruise annonçait que seuls 40% du long métrage avaient été mis en boîte avant que la grève des scénaristes ne les contraigne à s ‘stop.

Christopher McQuarrie later added that the big action scenes were not part of what was filmed. And the actors’ strike was joined by the scriptwriters’ strike, pushing the return to the set a little further away. Therefore, postponing the release was only a matter of time.

With filming not resuming in mid-October, it wasn’t just Ethan Hunt and his team’s mission that became impossible. One thing is certain: whatever the date, the film will be able to be seen in theaters, of which Tom Cruise is more than ever one of the fervent defenders. In a niche that had brought luck to Top Gun: Maverick, which in 2022 became the star’s only multi-million-dollar work at the box office.

Cast: Tom Cruise, Hayley Atwell… Who does he play in Mission Impossible 8?

WARNING: The following segment contains plot spoilers for “Mission: Impossible 7.” Continue if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

A Mission Impossible without Tom Cruise would be unthinkable, the star will return in the guise of Ethan Hunt. For the eighth time in just under thirty years. And with a new handful of crazy stunts, including the one he showed off on video.

The only actor besides him to have participated in every episode, Ving Rhames, also returns. Like Simon Pegg, a faithful accomplice since his appearance in episode 3. And Rebecca Ferguson, a free electron who completes the quartet from Rogue Nation?

With Ilsa dead in Dead Reckoning, only a flashback could bring her back to life. And, due to the lack of an official casting, great vagueness reigns over both her and Pom Klementieff’s presence: Paris, the assassin she plays, seemed still alive at the end of the film released on July 12. But Simon Pegg suggested that he would still have to count on her.

As for the ghosts, Esai Morales will continue to torment Tom Cruise in the role of the evil Gabriel. The agent duo played by Shea Whigam and Greg Tarzan Davis should still be around, as should Henry Czerny, aka the troubled Eugene Kittridge. And Ethan will be able to count on Grace again, played by Hayley Atwell.

Paramount Pictures France

When you see what your next mission has in store…

Let’s not forget Alana Mitsopolis (Vanessa Kirby), who always has her place in the plot. Marie (Mariela Garriga), seen so far in flashbacks and whom we will see again to learn more about Ethan’s past. Or, to everyone’s surprise, William Donloe (Rolf Saxon).

Reluctantly involved in the robbery of the CIA headquarters in the heart of the first work, thanks to vomit mixed with his coffee, the character will return. In Alaska, where will Kittridge be transferred tomorrow after this failure? The photo revealed by Christopher McQuarrie to announce his return suggests as much.

Like this photo, in the snow, by Lucy Tulugarjuk, one of the new faces of this work. With Janet McTeer, Hannah Waddingham (who will be on an aircraft carrier where Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie filmed), Nick Offerman and Holt McCallany, who will play the Secretary of Defense.

The story: what will Mission Impossible 8 be about?

This is always the great mystery that surrounds each episode. Who knew the nature of the threat Tom Cruise would face in Fallout before seeing the movie? Or that the star would confront artificial intelligence, a symbol of his defense of cinema against platforms and their algorithms, in Dead Reckoning?

The same goes for its sequel, especially since these films are rewritten during filming. But except for one detail: its status as the second half of the story. The viewer is not starting from scratch and, now that the question of the key seems resolved, the film should revolve around the search for what it opens: the source code of the Entity, buried with the submarine that transported it.

Paramount Pictures France

Who is Gabriel really?

Therefore, the plot could be tighter, although the saga likes to take us to the four corners of the world. And here, in the past. That of Ethan and Gabriel, on which it is appropriate to shed light. As is usually the case, the promotion will focus more on the stunts than the stage, and we will have to wait for the launch to have the answers to the questions we ask ourselves.

Are we really going to change the title and remove Dead Reckoning, as a rumor accompanying the release postponement suggested? Where did Luther hide so as not to be discovered by the Entity? Is the submarine in Alaska? What’s behind Ethan’s past? Will he sacrifice himself for his friends, the last and logical step of his journey in the form of the Via Crucis? Are we at the end of the saga?

Mission Impossible 9: will there be a sequel?

For a long time, everything seemed to indicate that Mission Impossible 8 would be the last installment of Ethan Hunt’s adventures. And Christopher McQuarrie had clearly implied as much. But the director returned to the topic during the premiere of Dead Reckoning, stating that he already had ideas for other films.

And Tom Cruise announces, for his part, that he wants to follow the model of Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones, and do Mission Impossible until he is 80 years old. A bluff to better surprise us or a way to make us understand that, for the star, retirement is also impossible?

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