2nd season of “If We Still Loved Each Other”: 4 couples on the verge of separating

The 2my docu-reality season If we still loved each other promises many twists and turns for viewers who will follow four couples involved in a process aimed at saving their relationship. However, it can be saved.

Because the first images revealed on Thursday make us hear discussions and deep differences.

Relationship support expert Louise Sigouin will return to TVA on April 29, at 7 p.m., for the second season of the docu-reality “If We Still Loved Each Other,” dedicated to couples.

Louise Sigouin during a session with a couple.


Words like these are pronounced:

  • “I’ll stop here, I don’t have anyfun»;
  • “It may explode there”;
  • “I notice in his eyes that the stars are no longer what they were”;
  • “My goal is for you to stop talking to me like that.”
  • “I’ll be ready to go at any time.”
  • “Her best friend, unfortunately I slept with her”;
  • Or also: “Prince Charming no longer exists and he will never return.”

You know what I mean.

A couple, for example, cannot agree on the urgency of having a child. A woman stays in her relationship for fear of finding herself alone.

This means that relationship support expert Louise Sigouin didn’t sit idly by during filming. Always so empathetic, she herself was sometimes moved by all the participants’ problems, whether it was infidelity, communication, lack of self-esteem or even mental health.

It seems like we’re still sailing toward hope as the trailer progresses. Smiles shine during the activities, so much so that we wonder if these couples will be able to rekindle the flame and continue their path together.

Let us salute in advance the bravery of the participants who carried out the exercise in front of the cameras, thus exposing all their vulnerabilities.

The return of Émily Bégin and Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge

Neither the trailer nor the TVA press release mentions the couple Émily Bégin and Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge.

The latter has remained silent since he caused controversy by sharing a video with racist connotations in March, which caused him to lose his contract to present Canada’s number 1 program. masked singersof which he would take command again for 4my season, VAT.

Inside If we love each other either If we still loved each other, Émily and Guillaume always contribute their bit by commenting on the candidates’ journey. like 2my season If we still loved each other was filmed and edited before the famous video, Émily and Guillaume have indeed returned. We’ll have to see if they’re still there when If we love each other and If we still loved each other Will resume service with new participants.

Produced by Duo Productions, the 2my docu-reality season If we still loved each other It will be broadcast on TVA from Monday to Thursday at 7 p.m., starting April 29. Episodes will also be available on TVA+.

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