28 series will come to Netflix, the year 2024 is off to a very strong start for subscribers!

news culture 28 series will come to Netflix, the year 2024 is off to a very strong start for subscribers!

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The new year is usually synonymous with renewal, and Netflix understands this well! If you don’t know what to get your teeth into to start the year, you can enjoy no less than 28 different series added in January 2024. To help you classify, we offer you a selection of the most promising ones.

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  • double trap
  • the sun brothers
  • The child and the universe
  • griselda
  • Also available in January 2024 on Netflix.

double trap

If you’re looking for a series that catches your attention to start the year off right, Netflix has something for you! Now available on the SVOD platform, double trap is a thriller adapted from the novel of the same name by Harlan Coben. If this name sounds familiar to you, it is because it is far from the first adaptation of the novelist available on Netflix. In fact, you may have already seen Intimidation, do not go away, Sure, Innocent, In the woods, Speechless either He is gone forever. Like most of these miniseries, Double Trap invites you to discover an incredible story full of twists and turns that will probably keep you in suspense until the end. This time, you will follow the investigation of Maya Stern, a former soldier who believes she saw her late husband on video from a surveillance camera in her home. By joining forces with the police officer in charge of the investigation into her alleged death, she aims to see this story more clearly.

  • Available January 1
  • Find out all about double trap in Allocine

the sun brothers

Warning for those who like productions that mix action with a good dose of chaos, the sun brothers You should be interested! Under a fairly classic story of a gangster whose family is attacked, this new production may well offer one of the craziest experiences of this beginning of 2024. It must be said that the production was entrusted to Brad Falchuk, who we could see alongside Ryan Murphy. in The politician, scream queens, pinch/fold but also Happiness and above all American horror story. In the casting, although most of the names do not mean much to Western audiences, we can highlight the presence of the excellent Michelle Yeoh, who recently won the Oscar for best actress for Everything everywhere and at the same time. The Sun brothers already promise us a clever mix of comedy, drama and action that we can’t wait to discover starting January 4 on Netflix.

The child and the universe

Do you know Trent Dalton? Australian journalist born in 1979, he is especially famous for having written some novels, including one directly inspired by his own life, titled The child and the universe. It must be said that he did not have an exactly easy childhood, since his parents were imprisoned for selling heroin when he was only 7 years old. Starting January 11, Netflix will invite you to discover this story in the series adaptation of the novel The Child and the Universe. You will then experience the life of a young man from a Brisbane suburb in the 1980s as he experiences a true gradual descent into hell as he watches those around him deal with the harsh realities of life. At the casting you can find some well-known faces such as Travis Fimmel (vikings) or Simon Baker (mentalist). The teaser for the series (available below) already announces an original and careful production that could well attract some curious people.


Notice to all those who loved the series. narcos – The creative team behind this legendary series is back! You’re not likely to be too clueless since this new series should also focus on a drug cartel story. Small difference, however, this time you will not follow a baron as famous as Pablo Escobar but a baroness named griselda. Don’t underestimate her, because she is none other than the woman behind one of the most profitable cartels in history! Thanks to this new series you will be able to discover this story inspired by real events while you immerse yourself in the Miami of the 70s and 80s, while rediscovering the game of the talented Sofía Vergara (Modern Family) who may well surprise you in this new role. The perfect series to prepare for the arrival of Grand Theft Auto VI, or simply to get off to a good start in 2024. Unfortunately, you will have to be patient as Griselda will only be available from January 25 on Netflix.

  • Available January 25
  • Find out all about griselda in Allocine

Also available in January 2024 on Netflix.

  • Instructions for Parents (Complete – January 1)
  • Good on your plate: The test for two (Documentary series – January 1)
  • Orange Days (Complete – January 1)
  • Neumatt (season 2 – January 1)
  • Power Players (complete – January 1)
  • Wolverines and Dragons (Season 1 – January 4)
  • The Creature from Kyongsong (Season 1, Part 2 – January 4)
  • Ag3nda (season 3 – January 9)
  • Breaking Point (Season 2 – January 10)
  • Champion (Complete – January 11)
  • Detective Forst (Complete – January 11)
  • Sonic Prime (season 3 – January 11)
  • End of the line (complete – January 17)
  • Kübra (Complete – January 18)
  • Ancestral (Complete – January 19)
  • Captivating the King (Complete – January 20)
  • Narwhal or almost (season 2 – January 22)
  • Six Nations: In Touch (Documentary Series – January 24)
  • Masters of the Universe: Revolution (Complete – January 25)
  • Doctor Slump (Complete – January 27)
  • Bheem Bam Boum: Long live recess! (Season 1 – January 29)
  • Baby Bandito (Complete – January 31)
  • The Seven Deadly Sins – Four Knights of the Apocalypse (Part 1 – January 31)
  • Alexander the Great: Among the Gods (Documentary Series – January 31)

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