19 new movies coming out in February 2024

18 new movies coming out in February 2024

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In February, some new movies promise you good entertainment, whether in theaters or streaming, from the comfort of your home.

for argy

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Discover Argylle, a captivating spy film that explores the twists and turns of a sinister underground syndicate. Featuring an impressive cast including: Henry Cavill, Bryan Cranston, Bryce Dallas Howard, Samuel L. Jackson, Ariana DeBose, Sam Rockwell, John Cena, Catherine O’Hara and Dua Lipa. The film hits theaters on February 2.

The monk and the gun

Credit: Roadside Attractions/Closer

The Monk and the Gun offers the epic story of an American searching for treasure in Bhutan, crossing paths with the destiny of a young monk wandering through the peaceful mountains. The film stars Tandin Wangchuk, Harry Einhorn and Tandin Sonam. Released in theaters on February 2.

The successor

Credit: attract movies

An artistic director of a famous fashion house discovers that he may have inherited much worse things than his father’s fragile heart. With Marc-André Grondin and Yves Jacques. In theaters February 2.

Force of Nature: The Dry 2

Credit: Screen Australia/Touring Movies

Discover the captivating plot of Force of Nature: The Dry 2, where five women go on a hike, but only four make it out. Starring Anna Torv, Eric Bana and Deborra-Lee Furness, the film offers a thrilling suspense. It will be seen in theaters starting February 8.

Lisa Frankenstein

Credit: Focus functions

Discover Lisa Frankenstein, the captivating story of a teenager in love with a corpse. Starring Kathryn Newton, Liza Soberano and Jenna Davis, the film promises a unique adventure. Immerse yourself in this unusual romance in theaters starting February 9.


Credit: Federal/Vertical Films

A heartwarming story, Lola follows the story of a woman, played by Nicola Petz Beckham, who maintains hope in her life until one tragic night that uproots her world. The film hits theaters on February 9.


Credit: Exclusive movies

Marmalade reveals the intrepid story of a man in prison who plans to escape to find the love of his life. Starring Joe Keery and Camila Morrone, the film hits theaters on February 9.

deep skin

Credit: WalkerWormFilm/Doondorffilm

Skin Deep explores the story of a young couple whose trip to a mysterious island triggers a game of identities that turns everything upside down. Starring Mala Emde and Jonas Dassler, the film hits theaters on February 9.


Credit: Amazon Prime

While a woman is promoted to first class on a business trip, she meets Will, who mistakes her for his boss, setting off a series of glamorous events involving romance and opportunity. On Amazon Prime on February 9.

Bob Marley: One love

Credit: supreme images

Bob Marley: One Love chronicles the epic journey of reggae icon Bob Marley, exploring the challenges he overcame and the journey behind his groundbreaking music. Starring Kingsley Ben-Adir and Lashanna Lynch, the film hits theaters on February 14.

lady web

Credit: Photos of Colombia

Madame Web explores the story of Cassandra Webb and three young women bound by a powerful destiny, whose survival depends on a mortal present. Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney star in this captivating story, available in theaters February 14!


Credit: Netflix

Players tells the story of Mack, an expert in imaginary dating games with her friends. When she falls in love with one of her targets, she must learn to move from the game to the real connection. Starring Gina Rodriguez and Damon Wayans Jr., the film arrives on Netflix on February 14.

What about Love

Credit: Gondola movies

What About Love explores the impact of a budding love between two young people, which transforms the lives of their parents. Inspired by their children’s happy experience, the parents, played by Sharon Stone and Andy Garcia, embark on a quest to rediscover their own love. The film opens on February 14.

Turn off the lights

Credit: smut

Lights Out reveals the epic story of a former soldier who enters clandestine combat and teams up with an ex-convict to take on a crime boss, corrupt cops and hitmen. Starring Frank Grillo and Scott Adkins, the film hits theaters on February 16.

This is me… now: the movie

Credit: Amazon Prime

This Is Me… Now: The Film accompanies the release of Jennifer Lopez’s new album, also revealing her romantic journey through her eyes. Starring Sofía Vergara, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, the film arrives on Amazon Prime on February 16 and promises a captivating dive into the life and art of the famous pop singer.

Dolls to wear

Credit: Focus functions

Drive-Away Dolls follows Jamie, who regrets her breakup and embarks on a spontaneous road trip to Tallahassee with Marian to start over. Problems arise when they encounter incompetent criminals. Starring Margaret Qualley, Geraldine Viswanathan, Pedro Pascal, Matt Damon and Colman Domingo, Ethan Cohen’s film hits theaters on February 23!

mea culpa

Credit: Netflix

Mea Culpa tells the story of an ambitious criminal lawyer who takes on the defense of an artist accused of murder to achieve his goal of association. Starring Kelly Rowland and Trevante Rhodes, the film arrives on Netflix on February 23.

ordinary angels

Credit: leonsgate

Ordinary Angels is based on a true story, following a hairdresser who mobilizes an entire community to help a widowed father save the life of his seriously ill daughter. Starring Hilary Swank and Alan Ritchson, the film hits theaters on February 23.

Code 8 Part II

Credit: Netflix

Code 8 Part II describes the story of a young woman who fights for justice after the death of her brother, murdered by corrupt police officers. She teams up with an ex-convict and his former partner to confront a well-protected sergeant, revealing a disturbing truth. Starring Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell, the film arrives on Netflix on February 28.

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