11 anachronisms made with luxury cars

Lord of the Rings is a film trilogy directed by Peter Jackson which is an adaptation of the homonymous novels by JRR Tolkien. It tells the quest of Frodo Baggins, a hobbit, whose mission is to destroy the One Ring, an evil artifact that threatens the world. Accompanied by his faithful companions, he must cross Middle Earth. But what would this world be like if luxury cars were added to it? This is the question asked by a user named Zaikab, which used Midjourney artificial intelligence to generate never-before-seen images.

The Lord of the Rings, a cult trilogy

The result is surprising, even disconcerting. We can see Gandalf the Gray drive a red convertible, Aragorn in front of a blue supercar, Galadriel in front of a magnificent white Lamborghini, or even Gollum Hold on to your steering wheel. The images are very realistic thanks to the evolution of artificial intelligence and, more specifically, Midjourney. Zaikab He had the idea of ​​making this improbable mixture for the pleasure of the eye and the curiosity of the result. Of course, it is a real anachronism the fact of finding cars in Middle Earth even if it is a Fantasy adventure.

1/ Galadriel with her beautiful white lamborghini in The Lord of the Rings


2/ Frodo with his huge 4×4 in The Lord of the Rings


3/ A small Volkswagen Beetle in the land of the Hobbits in The Lord of the Rings


4/ Gimli with his red convertible in The Lord of the Rings


5/ Arwen with her hybrid BMW in The Lord of the Rings


6/ Frodo and Bilbo supporting each other in The Lord of the Rings

Bilbo and Frodo

7/ Gandalf with his magnificent Rolls Royce in The Lord of the Rings


8/ Gollum driving in The Lord of the Rings


9/ A nice Porsche for Éowyn in The Lord of the Rings


10/ Boromir with his yellow coupe in The Lord of the Rings


11/ Aragorn with his magnificent supercar in The Lord of the Rings


12/ the orcs with a war chariot in The Lord of the Rings

orc war

Of course, these images are purely fictional and there is no alternative version of The Lord of the Rings with cars. This is a simple experiment that shows the possibilities that AI offers to create original and unusual content.

Recently, another AI user, Midjourney, began creating images that consisted of replacing actors and characters in the movie. Mad Max Fury Road by the famous puppets Muppets. The result is surprising and really very fun.

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