10 points in which the trilogy still demolishes the competition

At the beginning of the 21st century, New Zealander Peter Jackson offers the first part of his film adaptation from a beloved trilogy devised by the scholar Tolkien. The next two works were released respectively in 2002 and 2003. Twenty years later, the three feature films always register as real references and some would do well to learn some lessons from it… Be careful, we run the risk of getting carried away, but also of revelation anything goes. You have been warned.

the photograph


Despite the relatively recent nature of the three films that make up Lord of the Rings, we must recognize its magnificent photography. For highlight -literally- your projects, Peter Jackson called the late Andrew Lesnie. The director of photography with an impressive filmography, I am a legend to the first film directed by Russell Crowe via king kongHe also received an Oscar for his work in The Fellowship of the Ring. He accomplished the feat of sublimating Jackson’s plans throughout the trilogy, which also required numerous variations (it is understood that the Mines of Moria could not be lit like Rivendell)…

the staging


If we have praised the talent of its director of photography, we must also recognize that of the director of nice bones. The latter sets the bar very high throughout the trilogy, offering sequences that are at once rhythmic, rich in emotion and aesthetics -among many examples, the introduction or the magnificent horse chase in the first part-, helping to immerse the viewer in the story. The immersive, coherent and particularly creative performance has been praised by countless viewers and won multiple awards.



The trilogy is Without a doubt a pioneer in terms of special effects. : The latter, in number, were incredible for their time and, for the most part, have not aged badly at all. We say overwhelmingly because Two three short scenes are, in our opinion, exceptions to the rule., but each time they are the result of a kind of aesthetic flight. Also, how not to quote. the impressive perspective work, the crazy designed models either motion capture, used brilliantly to bring the cult character Gollum to life? His interpreter, the brilliant Andy Serkis, Since then he has become a master in this discipline.. For the record, the special effects were largely produced by Weta Digital, a company owned by Peter Jackson himself. To acquire it in 2021, the Unity Software company paid the modest sum of1,625 million dollars.



The landscapes of New Zealand offer an unmatched richness to the saga. The feature films have been screened elsewhere particularly conducive to tourism in this country and many fans of the universe thought by Tolkien Continue going there to follow the characters’ footsteps.. From Shire to Fangorn and from Isengard to Doom Mountain, Jackson has discovered sublime locations for his films. Note that the famous destruction site of the One Ring is actually called In the deep. This mountain, located in the Tongariro National Park, has, according to vanity fair, could not be approached by the film crew. This is in no way explained by a risk of eruption… It turns out that Maori consider the place sacredThat’s why they refused to let Jackson and his collaborators get too close.



The endearing characters of the trilogy not having time to have a closet Throughout their journey, we often find them wearing the same clothing. Their costumes are Completely realistic and sometimes larger than life., whether talking about cloth clothing or the countless armors that we can see in the three parts. The outfits worn by the heroes undergo, together with their wearers, an exhausting journey: this idea is very well transcribed in the saga. The costumes look even more authentic because result of a collaboration between Jackson, Alan Lee and John Howe. those who were the official illustrators JRR Tolkien’s works have been like this worked in the artistic direction of filmsincluding the sets, props and costumes of the protagonists.



The brilliant Howard Shore directed memorable work in all three parts, many of which are still widely heard. Crowned with awards, the music of Lord of the Rings It is a true model. The use of singing. for the characters, like Pippin or Éowyn, is also especially fair and moving. Several renowned artists provided vocals for the soundtrack: In the Westfinal piece performed by Annie Lennox based on a composition she imagined with Fran Walsh (co-writer of the films) and Shore, is also a heartbreaking tribute to Cameron Duncan. This young filmmaker, highly appreciated by Jackson and Walsh, died of illness the year the last work was released. The song was performed for the first time in public. during the young artist’s funeral.


Oscar awards

It is rare that it works – and especially adaptations – arouse so much enthusiasm that Lord of the Rings. The films, great commercial successes, have conquered millions of viewers, but they have also attracted the good thanks of the critics. Far from the criticisms that can be made of the Marvel team, the feature films are undoubtedly considered cinema. Besides, the countless Oscars and other awards received They attest to this great recognition by the profession of the work of Jackson and his teams.

the casting

Arwen Elrond

One of the main points of the transition from the written word to the screen was find the right actors. Another more than successful mission: although the requests were numerous and the tests sometimes catastrophic, Jackson finally assembled a very likable cast.combining big names (Ian McKellen, Christopher Lee, Cate Blanchett and Hugo Weaving) and new faces. Everything was decided until the last second.since Viggo Mortensen accepted Aragorn’s important score on short notice (and we bet he’s still happy about it today).


It is undoubtedly one of the adjectives that best defines the New Zealander’s triple proposal. Thanks to the tireless work on the different points mentioned above, the whole transmits this epic character which pleases so many fans. The fights, let them take place. in Helm’s Deep, Minas Tirith or in front of the Black Gateare at once grandiose, gripping and skillfully staged.


We can only mention Gandalf’s beautiful preparation for Aragorn:

Wait for my arrival with the first lights of the fifth day. At dawn, look east.

The impressive result of this announcement, that is, the arrival of the wizard, accompanied by the Rohirrim, offers one of the most beautiful sequences of the trilogy.

The emotion

In addition to this assumed and appreciated epic dimension, we must not forget that emotion innervates Jackson’s films ! In fact, how could we not have (for those who had not read the novels) Heart broken when Gandalf disappears. ? Numerous sequences, which evoke love, friendship, blood ties and, of course, loss, allow us to nuance the characters and move the audience. I am sorry to end on this note, but it will be difficult to admit that the consecration of the Hobbits by Aragorn’s court or, much worse, Frodo’s departure to the Undying Lands don’t touch you even a little bit.


Come on, a little gift to those who didn’t know until now: Sam, Gimli and Legolas You will also end up traveling to this famous country.

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